Dentists Are Urging Patients To Keep Their Kids’ Baby Teeth Because It May Save Their Lives

Dentists Are Urging Patients To Keep Their Kids’ Baby Teeth Because It May Save Their Lives

When children lose their baby teeth, what do parents usually do with them? They ask their children to put the tooth under their pillow so the tooth fairy can come and collect it, giving a dollar in its place. But after this new scientific finding, the tooth fairy could be out of a job because dentists are urging parents to hold onto their children’s baby teeth as doing so could help save their lives.

While many parents hold onto their child’s first tooth lost, some have the habit of keeping all of them in their possession. Now, this habit could prove to be a lifesaver as dentists are coming forward to share the new research about this bizarre hoarding.

The United States National Center for Biotechnology Information has announced that stem cells derived from baby teeth can be used in numerous medical procedures. That means if a parent held onto a child’s baby tooth, researchers might be able to extract stem cell information to help save the child’s life later.

You’ve undoubtedly heard about stem cells. They were a thing of controversy only a few decades ago. Now they’re old-hat and commonly researched in the medical field. However, discoveries around stem cells, which are cells that have not yet grown into a specific bodily function, keep coming at a fast pace.

Stem cells have the ability to become any cell in the body. This means that scientists can help determine their purpose so they can do wondrous things in the human body like fight cancer.

Most scientists now harvest stem cells through the bone marrow. This can make it difficult to access. But as it turns out, baby teeth are loaded with bone marrow, which makes it an easy way for scientists to access this potent type of biological information.

Now that you know that a lot of vital information is stored within baby teeth in the form of stem cells, this information is only accessible to scientists if they have the teeth in the first place. If you or your parents saved baby teeth, they could become a life-saving resource later in life if stem cells are ever required.

While stem cells can be used to fight cancer, researchers have uncovered other ways to use stem cells in baby teeth. One of the most exciting ones is that stem cells can be used to regrow bones. They are also useful for re-growing neural cells in the brain and for preventing heart attacks. Imagine if one of your baby teeth was used to save you from a heart attack in your later years. Stem cells from these teeth can also help regenerate the liver, treat diabetes, and reproduce eye tissue. There are also other uses being discovered every year, and there seems to be almost no limit to how useful these baby teeth can be.

Although many of the treatments are only in their infant stages as it comes to research, in a decade or two baby teeth could come in very, very handy.

Where is Alora? Reward Offered After Teen Goes Missing With Murder Suspects

A reward is now being offered for information leading to the arrest of two murder suspects who were last seen with a 15-year-old girl who has been missing for 18 days.

Two suspects in a murder were on the run, and the woman’s 15-year-old daughter was last seen with the pair in the Torrance area April 16, 2019.
Photo credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Alora Benitez is believed to be with her mother, Maricela Mercado, and another man, Roman Cerratos, who are both wanted in the murder of a man who was discovered slain in a bloodied car in Carson weeks before.

Cerratos and Mercado are considered armed and dangerous.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced the $20,000 reward after the three disappeared April 16, and haven’t been seen since.

The car the trio was traveling in, 2013 four-door BMW sedan, with Nevada license plate “MARIMAR,” was discovered near a major border crossing in San Diego County Friday, April 19.

Despite an Amber Alert and emergency alert sent days after the girl was seen getting in the car with her mother and Cerratos, no one has reported spotting them since.

The BMW was discovered in the area of San Ysidro, but no one was inside, officials said. Alora’s father said he fears they may be in Mexico.

Homicide investigators were on scene to examine the sedan.

Benitez is 5-feet 2-inches tall, weighing 100 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. Investigators could not provide a description of the outfit she was last seen in.

Missing SinceApr 17, 2019 Missing FromRedondo Beach, CA DOBMay 13, 2003 Age Now16 SexFemale RaceHispanic Hair ColorBrown Eye ColorBrown Height5’2″ Weight100 lbs

Cerratos and Mercado are considered suspects in the slaying of a man who was found dead Tuesday in the front seat of a white Audi.

The car, streaked with blood, was found parked in the 400 block of East Carson Plaza Drive, the sheriff’s department said.

Anyone who spots Benitez should call 9-1-1 immediately.

Jeffery Appel, 32, was found dead in the bloodied Audi in Carson April 16, the day the suspects and Alora were last seen in Los Angeles County. The cause of death has not yet been determined.

Anyone with information on where the trio may be is asked to call sheriff’s Homicide Detectives Lawler or Blagg at (323) 890-5500 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477.

Clint Eastwood Just Got Some Terrible News. Please Keep Him In Your Thoughts Today

Clint Eastwood Just Got Some Terrible News. Please Keep Him In Your Thoughts Today

For a long time, Clint Eastwood shared a relationship with Oscar nominee Sondra Locke. But after she passed at the age of 74, the truth about their relationship has come forward. Although they loved each other very much, things were not always roses between Eastwood and his lover Locke. Her death was publicized only this past Friday, although she died back at the beginning of November 2018, and few people knew the difficult details about how Locke battled cancer for a long time.

Eastwood first came into Locke’s life when she was a married woman. That didn’t stop him from trying to get with her because Locke was not in a traditional marriage. Her marriage was not typical in a way whatsoever. She had married her gay best friend and shared a loving relationship with him as friends. She loved her husband, although it was always in a platonic way. And she remained married to him until the day he died.

Although their relationship proved to not be healthy for Eastwood or Locke, Locke remained with Eastwood for thirteen years. The couple dealt with public controversy over their love. Eastwood was not always a good man to her. He forced her to have abortions twice. The reason was that he believed having children with Locke was “improper.”

Nevertheless, Eastwood fathered children in the 1980s with Jacelyn Reeves. And when Locke found out about Eastwood’s change of heart, their relationship took a turn for the worst.

Eastwood had a controlling approach to his relationship with Locke. In an interview with The Sun, Locke described how he wanted to control everything about her, including how she used birth control.

“Clint complained of the IUD – it was uncomfortable for him,” she wrote. “And he too was not in favor of birth control pills, so he suggested a special clinic at Cedars Hospital where they taught a ‘natural’ method of birth control.”

Because Clint Eastwood wanted to use the “rhythm” method, Locke got pregnant twice, and Eastwood demanded she get rid of it.

“Not only was I taught their method but I was constantly monitored with regular pregnancy checks. The whole process was awkward and entailed taking my temperature every morning and marking the calendar, etc. It was demanding, and ultimately it had failed twice.”

For years, Eastwood mistreated Locke. Eventually, Locke decided to get some help from the law to get what she deserved from Eastwood. She filed palimony in 1989. But it ended out of court with a $1.5 million deal involving Warner Bros. But it was a scam, and she filed another lawsuit against Eastwood for fraud.

Throughout her life and career, the talented Sandra Locke faced turmoil, much during the time of her relationship with Eastwood himself. She never obtained the glory she deserved despite her potential.

Because she trusted Eastwood and thought he was the love of her life, she learned only later that their relationship was not meant to last. Nevertheless, the loss of Sondra Locke must have been a big deal for Eastwood.

May she rest in peace.

Photo Leaked By Cadets At West Point Has Sparked National Outrage

Photo Leaked By Cadets At West Point Has Sparked National Outrage

Who knew one picture could cause so much of an outrage?

There is a saying that goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well in this case, this picture here is definitely causing way more than that.

There has been a lot of outrage by the public after a photo showing 16 West Point cadets who were supposedly raising their fists in support of the Black Lives Matter movement made its way to the Internet.

Apparently, the photo is of the all-black, all-female cadets, and they can be seen raising their fists, although the gesture is one that has been known to be associated with a controversial movement of its own.

However, this gesture has also been used for many centuries, and it is used to depict resistance by a wide array of groups, from suffragists to labor unions to the Black Panthers.

According to a report by the Army Times, the picture was received on the 4th of May from a few concerned readers who expressed worries over the fact that it was possible the cadets had violated Directive 1334:10 of the Department of Defense, as regards Political Activities by Members of the Armed Forces. According to the directive cadets, are discouraged from engaging in “partisan political activity” when they are clad in their uniforms.

John Burk, a motivational life coach who spent some time as a soldier, accused the cadets of aligning themselves with a known political movement. He said on his page on Facebook that he was contacted by an anonymous member of the military service, who expressed their concern with the contents of the picture.

According to a report by the Daily News, the anonymous source said to Burk about the picture, “It really is a bit of a touchy subject, this one. It is possible for us to get kicked out of West point, or forced to repeat some years for what we in the military know as a ‘respect board’.

These can easily be given for just making someone angry, so there’s no doubt to the fact that absolutely no one would like to get kicked out of the college… especially for something like this”

Ever since Burk made that post on his Facebook page, it has gone viral, with thousands of shares, likes and comments coming in from different people all over the world. A lot of people dropped comments that expressed their unhappiness at what the cadets did, while some felt like it wasn’t so much of a big deal. Up till now, the debate seems to be raging on social media.

One commenter wrote, “The purpose of equality is holding both men and women to the exact same standards. THESE WOMEN SHOULD BE KICKED OUT!!!”

Another wrote, “They should immediately expel all of those cadets”

“We can already confirm that the cadets who are seen in this photo are indeed members of the United States Military Academy’s Class of 2016,” said Lt. Christopher Kaser, who works as a spokesperson for West Point, in a statement sent via Email to both the Daily News and the Army Times. “Currently, we have officials of the Academy conducting an investigation into the matter”

Till now, it remains to be seen the kinds of disciplinary actions that the Army will take, if any would even be taken at all. The cadets in the photo have also not been identified.

2nd Grader Stuns Crowd When He Sounds Exactly Like Johnny Cash

2nd Grader Stuns Crowd When He Sounds Exactly Like Johnny Cash

Most kids these days get their hands busy with their gadgets, well not this 2nd grader!

This kid is also known as “Little John” and he wowed the audience with this incredible charisma, to think that at this point he didn’t start singing yet!

Little John is dressed in his smart blue button-down shirt with his guitar wrapped around him. As he stood in front of his microphone, he sure is ready to play his instrument. But know that the song he chose was not an easy one but still, this brave boy went for it. With his oozing confidence, the audience was more than ready to witness what he can offer.

However, they were not prepared for what he was about to show them. This performance was at a convert that was put on by the school.

Before he started his performance, Little John introduced himself to the audience that informed them that he is going to perform two songs. Everybody was getting more excited. When he started singing, “Folsom Prison Blues” which is one of Johnny Cash’s greatest hits. Johnny Cash was an American singer-songwriter, a guitarist, and actor, and also an author.

In the music industry, he is one of the best-selling artists of all time. He sold over 90 million records worldwide.

Cash was always known for his deep and calm bass-baritone voice. He has a very distinctive sound which made it easier for him to be remembered by fans from all over the world. We all know that Johnny Cash is one of the greatest performers and covering his song would take guts and this boy surely has that.

For Little John, the Johnny Cash song came naturally to him. He never faltered! Not once. He even got the voice that can match with the original singer! You can even hear one of the audience shouts, “Wooh! Good job!” This kid has pure talent and even at a young age, he has the ability to get his audience’s attention. He has a warm and beautiful voice.

When everyone thought that this was it, Little John shocked everyone when he did something surprising! This was totally unexpected.

As it turns out, Little John has something has a hidden talent and he took the right moment to shock everyone. He amps up his performance to a whole new level that nobody ever expected from him. Although everyone in the audience knew that he can play the guitar, but nobody thought that he would already be this good. Who can possibly play that good when they are just 7 years old anyway?

The moment he started doing his tricks with his guitar strings, it completely blew everyone away! It’s like he’s been doing this for years!

This might be an old video of him performing, but there is no doubt that this boy’s talent is surely going to bring him someplace. The video of his performance now has over 6 million views and the number is still growing.

As we see kids getting enthralled by new games and gadgets, it is also nice to introduce them to other hobbies that might interest them. An interest in music and musical instruments might just be the hidden talent that you have yet to discover from them. Who knows, they might be the next Little John!

This Bug Is Spreading Across The United States, And It Doesn’t Have To Bite In Order To Kill You

This Bug Is Spreading Across The United States, And It Doesn’t Have To Bite In Order To Kill You

There’s another parasitic illness epidemic that’s spreading across the United States, so take note. Doctors are warning of a disease called Chagas, which can cause strokes and heart failure and has so far sickened 300,000 American in 27 states. An insect known as the “kissing bug” transmits Chagas disease. The bug is so named because they typically bite a person’s face, near their mouth.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many symptoms to show that a person has been infected with the disease. According to reports, the disease has been mostly found in Central and South America, but 300,000 cases have been reported in the U.S.

The American Heart Association released a statement to warn that doctors need to better recognize, diagnose and treat Chagas disease or else it will become a huge outbreak.

According to the Daily Mail, “Chagas disease is caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, which lives in the gut of a bug that transmits the disease, the triatomine insect, which is also known as the ‘kissing bug.’”

The disease spreads through the bug’s feces as they feed on a person, they defecate and, if those feces is accidentally rubbed into a wound or eye, an infection can develop.

There are two phases, with the first being acute, which lasts a few weeks or months after the infection, according to the CDC. Symptoms during this stage include fever, headache, fatigue, rash, or swelling near the bite wound or where the feces were deposited or rubbed into the eye.

There are some anti-parasitic medications that can treat Chagas during this stage with a 60 to 90 percent success rate, according to the AHA.

The second phase is the chronic stage, in which the parasites have entered the heart muscles and digestive muscles and, according to the Daily Mail, “about 30 percent will develop an enlarged heart, arrhythmias, or an enlarged esophagus and colon.”

This can result in complications such as stroke or cardiac arrest. There are no drugs that will cure Chagas in the chronic state, but medication may slow the disease’s progression down for those under age 50.

In the United States, most of the reported cases are in the south and west, including Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, and California.

Dr. Caryn Bern, a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California in San Francisco, notes in the statement: “Early detection of Chagas disease is critical, allowing prompt initiation of therapy when the evidence for cure is strong.”

One commenter on the Daily Mail‘s coverage of this illness has seen these bugs in their area, noting: “These bugs are all over the Charlotte, NC area. They have a very mechanical, prehistoric way of walking… like a robot or dinosaur. It’s kind of fascinating to watch. They are also very large, almost the size of my palm (I’m a petite female) so that helps to keep them outside, to a degree… but they used to get in through our fireplaces, at my old house, and I woke up to one walking away from the foot of my bed one morning, about 5 years ago, and was not happy about that, as I was well aware of the disease they carry and how it’s transmitted.”

Nobody Was There To Sing The National Anthem, So He Took Off His Helmet And Grabbed The Guitar

When a high school football player realized that no one was there to sing the national anthem before his game, he had a choice. He could either stand down and allow the game to proceed without a live performance of the anthem. The teams could have listened to a recording and put their hands over their hearts. But this player, a football player, who could be cast in Glee, made a different choice when he stepped forward, guitar in hand, and offered to sing for the crowd instead.

Because a video of him was recorded to show just how talented this young man is, it has gone on to go viral thousands of times over. And people are standing up and applauding this teen’s courage and creativity all at the same time.

The singer/football player is Jackson Dean Nicholson. He decided to stand up and perform his acoustic, country-style rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” in front of his local crowd. But as the video recording of his act went online, it became clear that he was not only singing for the people in the stands but thousands of Americans across the country as well.

Nicholson is a senior who plays defense on the team. And he was proud to share his country music with the crowd, who responded with love for his patriotism.

“It was very cool. I probably knew 90 percent of the people sitting in those stands, and they had no idea I was doing it ‘til I brought my guitar out,” he told the Baltimore Sun.

Not only did Nicholson shock the audience with his performance, but he also came out and blew them away.

After his performance was shared online via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and several other video sharing platforms, it went viral attracting lots of comments from thousands of people across America.

Then Fox News featured Nicholson’s performance. Not only is Nicholson a football player, but he is also a guitar player. And when he is not practicing with the team or playing games, he writes music – which is available to the public on his YouTube channel.

Besides being a dedicated student, he has been working on an album for a few years. Ever since he was a freshman at Arundel High School, he has been writing songs so he could release his album and make money from his music. One of his songs, “Man Upstairs,” has bee turned into a music video. He recorded that one with Champion Studios.

Instead of dreaming of being an NFL player, Nicholas is done with football come January.

“This is my last year, then I’m done. I’ve got until January. I’ll have all my credits done, and I only have to be enrolled for this semester. I got a waiver by my principal, and she’s very supportive of what I do.”

In other words, Nicholson wants to write and play music. And with the discipline he’s learned on the football field, he’s going to be successful.

What do you think about this high school football player’s rendition of the national anthem?

Dog Can’t Catch His Breath While Crying At His Owner’s Gravestone

Mom Left Baby Home With Dad. When She Returned, The Baby’s Face Looked Completely Different

Mom Left Baby Home With Dad. When She Returned, The Baby’s Face Looked Completely Different

Moms and dads often have different styles of parenting and when a baby is used to spending a lot of time with mom, it’s interesting to see what the dad brings to the table when he is taking care of their little one. A dad named Bartosz shared a video of his experience with his little girl, which he titled: “What happens when my wife leaves me alone with our baby.”

Okay, dad, you’ve got our attention. Bartosz posts videos on his YouTube channel under the name Perfect Daddy, so you know this will be entertaining. So, mom leaves dad with the baby duties and it’s maybe the most fun father-daughter moment around, with over seven million views on the video!

The video kicks off with little Emily on her tummy and dad has the camera pointed at her face to capture every cute moment. Emily is having a good time cooing and giggling as dad hums at her — she responds with a big toothless smile and a laugh.

This is starting off pretty cute already, but then dad does something unexpected, totally changing her facial expression in a bizarre way. Watch as this dad gives his daughter’s face a little transformation — no, he didn’t put makeup on his baby — he stuck big thick eyebrow stickers above her eyes. It’s comedy gold!

Emily is totally in on the joke too, sitting patiently while dad gets the funny eyebrows positioned just right, making little baby noises until they’re in place and then dad pulls back on the camera a bit to get the full effect. Amazing!

But wait… there’s more! Now dad has a little something extra special to pull the whole look together. He applies a big mustache above her lip and she opens her mouth wide. She doesn’t hate it, that’s for sure. Oh wait, just a bit more facial hair to complete the face, and now Emily has a little patch of black sticker under her mouth, as dad begins to giggle at his creation.

Emily is clearly amused by his reaction, as she burbles out a big baby belly laugh, followed by some excited shrieking. This is a pretty special dad and baby moment, unlike any other. He pulls the camera in close and gets her excited face in the shot as Emily gives another adorable laugh over the whole situation.

People commenting on the silly fun couldn’t get over how adorable this is, with one person noting: “I LOVE how the baby is most likely laughing because the dad is also laughing/smiling. Just pure happiness.”

Another commenter joked: “This is why us men can’t be left alone without adult supervision.” One person added: “That baby suddenly looks so much more sophisticated and yet so much more sinister.”

Still others found this adorable video to be the perfect cure for any sadness, as one commenter noted: “ Brilliant video… I love your sense of humor and baby is just so cute” and another person remarked: “Can’t believe I spent hundreds of dollars on therapy for my depression when all I needed to do was watch this 53 second video!!”

I’ve Seen Countless Of Commercials Through My Life And This Is The Only One I Cry Over

Families look forward to being with their loved ones over the holidays. Christmas is a day that is filled with love, laughter, kindness, and tradition.

One Christmas tradition is the release of holiday commercials. Some make us laugh while others make us cry.

The big companies are eager to make us believe in the magic of the season!

A French phone company known as Bouygues has put out an amazing commercial for the holidays. It quickly stole the hearts of viewers all over the country.

After you see it, you will want to grab your phone and get in contact with your parents to tell them how much you love them.

The song in the video is “Come and Get Your Love,” released in 1974 by Redbone.

The commercial starts off with a father and his toddler son. The father dances to the song, making the child smile and laugh.

It then moves on to show the pair together as a young child, a teenager, and an adult. In every scene, the father dances to the same catchy tune.

At the very end, we see the father, who is now much older, sitting with his wife by the Christmas tree.

He hears a ringing sound, which turns out to be a brand new phone wrapped under their tree.

When he pulls it out of the box, he sees that his son has passed his tradition of dancing down to his own family.

Viewers everywhere say that Bouygues nailed their Christmas ad this year.

It can be easy to forget that our parents are just one phone call away from us.

The commercial helped us all to remember that traditions do stick with us as we age.

Be sure to pass it on to others!