This Honest Mother Recognized That Her Newborn Baby Is Ugly

This Honest Mother Recognized That Her Newborn Baby Is Ugly

Madrid, Spain.- A mother recognized that her newborn baby is, indeed, ugly.

Most moms think their babies are beautiful, no matter what, but this is not the case. This mom thinks his newborn baby is “ugly as f*ck” and even refused to take pictures of him.

It’s fine. I know all babies are ugly when they are born, but mine is exaggeratedly ugly. I want to rise my kids based on honesty, so I need to recognize things as they are: my baby is ugly, ugly ugly.

The mom assured to the rest of the family that it’s not needed for them to hold the baby if he disgusts them.

The baby was born with more hair than usual and with fingernails worryingly long, the baby was compared with several animals.

Today, the baby uploaded some pictures of the baby to Facebook, but all of them were pixelated to not offend people’s sensibilities.

Dog travels more than 100 km to bite its owner after being abandoned

Dog travels more than 100 km to bite its owner after being abandoned

A neighbor of New Mexico, Santiago Martinez, went to Albuquerque to spend his holidays like every year. However, this year he decided unfortunately to abandon its cherished dog Golden Retriever, because he explains to some friends “I am sick of the dog because I cannot go to anywhere without having to lug it. At the first gas station, I send him to the hell.”

What he never imagined was that nine days later after many regrets his dog was going to appear right there on the beach, sniffing in each corner in search of its owner. At that moment, Santiago was immersed in a terrible sensation of guilty and he was runnig to embrace his dog and to reward its loyalty. However, according to witnesses the dog came gasped and it had an expression like: “you’ll be a son of a bitch, you left me in that way”, when the dog was in his arms, it didn’t hesitate and it bit him hard. Then Santiago sudden cried out that they say came to be heard in the Grand Canyon National Park.

The dog turned around and went back home making hitchhiking looked like a abandoned dog, so it was adopted by a wonderful family who didn’t really know what was going on, while Santiago was getting cured of his wounds at the aid station.

Fingering girls causes flesh eating disease outbreak in Tennessee

Fingering girls causes flesh eating disease outbreak in Tennessee

Outbreak in Memphis, TN caused 14,810 men to contract Necrotizing fasciitis which is due to a bad pH balance in women.

The CDC – NCHS – National Center for Health Statistics started receiving reports of fingers disolving after fingering girls. They say the outbreak started out of Memphis, TN with 14,000 reported cases. Doctors didnt know what was going on at first but men complained about their fingers itching after fingering.

Doctors say the pH levels in women that live in Memphis are very acidic from eatingflamin hot cheetos, smoking regular weed and drinking jungle juice all day. Doctors say the best way to protect your fingers is to wear rubbers on your fingers.

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Spanking Kids Is WRONG Study Says

Guidelines against spanking and other physical forms of punishment have been around for decades, and now, the America Academy of Pediatrics is doubling donw. In guidance published in the journal Pediatrics ” the group recommends using “healthy forms of discipline” such as positive reinforcement, and setting limits and expectations.

The organization says spanking and other forms of physical punishment, threatening, insulting, and shaming are OUT. Instead, pediatricians are now tasked with sharing data on available discipline options and helping parents choose what to use.

Time outs are recommended for toddlers and preschoolers, while the preferred means for older children is letting natural consequences play out. In the case of running into traffic, that natural consequence is having to hold the parent’s hand while crossing the street from now on. This article supports this study… Here

Do you agree with this new study?

Child Sex Offender Serving 300 Years In Prison Freed Due To A Technicality

A sex offender who was sentenced to over 300 years in prison after being convicted of molesting six children in 2015 is a free man because of a technicality. According to NBC 11Michael McFadden was released from prison after the Colorado Court of Appeals overturned his conviction because he was denied his “statutory right to a speedy trial was violated when the presiding judge granted a continuance.” The Supreme Court declined to hear the prosecution’s appeal allowing McFadden to walk free. He cannot be retried, and will not have to register as a sex offender.

Prosecutors were appalled at the decision. Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein said the ruling is a failure of the criminal justice system.

“I am completely appalled at this decision,” Rubinstein said. “I think the criminal justice system completely failed here.”

The news was concerning to many residents who reached out to Kathi Raley, who serves as the  Victim Assistance Coordinator at the District Attorney’s Office according to KREX.

“Several voicemails from mothers of victims who legitimately are fearful for their children and their children’s safety,” she said.

Many people posted photos of McFadden on social media hoping to spread the word and make people aware that a sex offender could be living in their neighborhood.

His current whereabouts are unknown, but many believe he will harm children in the future. He had prior convictions for sexual offenses, but because they happened before Colorado created a sex offender registry, he is not required to be on the list.

Photo: Colorado Department of Corrections

Bumps Appear On Her Neck Then Doctors Tell Her They’re Caused By Her Favorite Activity

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approximately 30 million people in America make use of indoor tanning beds every single year.

This figure includes 2.3 million teenagers, and USA Today has revealed that the use of these machines is linked to over 400,000 skin cancer cases annually.

Ashley Trenner from Washington State was one of these tanning bed users. She loved having bronze skin and the only way for her to keep that look up all year round in the constantly cloudy and rainy state was with a tanning bed.

She started tanning this way in high school and gradually became more obsessed with it. She was self-conscious of her naturally fair skin and would visit tanning beds multiple times every week.

Image Credit: Fishtail Cottage

For 15 full years, this habit continued. Despite being the one to first introduce her to tanning, Ashley’s mother begged her to stop, but Ashley had become addicted.

The Skin Cancer Foundation states that the UV light used in these beds promotes the release of positive hormones and chemicals called endorphins in the body that make you feel good and happy, and this can easily lead to addiction.

Ashley became addicted this way and loved how she looked tanned.

Image Credit: Medical News Today

But then Ashley developed a lesion on her skin, but she didn’t think anything was wrong or that her tanning habit was going to do bad things for her health.

She ignored it, but then it became much too painful and she had to go to see a dermatologist to have it removed.

Then, another one developed, and it began to hurt too much again. So, at the age of 33, she saw a dermatologist once more, and she was diagnosed with melanoma.

Image Credit: Skin Cancer Foundation

Things seemed good at first, as both the lymph nodes and tumor were removed safely.

Ashley stayed cancer free for three years. Then November 2009 came around, and Ashley realized there was a lump on her right hip that was black and blue, like a bruise.

She went to the doctor and found out the cancer had returned, and this time it was much more serious.

Image Credit: Skin Cancer Foundation

Ashley knew her days could be numbered, so she began to advocate openly against the use of tanning beds. She sought to spread awareness regarding the dangers involved with not using sunscreen or overusing tanning beds.

She was even interviewed by King 5, a television station, about her mission from her hospital bed. When she spoke, half of her face was completely paralyzed due to the tumors.

Image Credit: Fishtail Cottage

After the interview, strangers began to contact both Ashley and her family to say that they had changed their minds about tanning and would not do so too often.

Ashley was glad to help the lives of others and even wrote a blog about her mistakes. Her final wish just before she passed away was to affect the lives of others – something she described as a beautiful gift she could give.

Ashley passed away on the 15th of March, 2013. She had always been kind and outgoing and her friends and family loved her dearly.

In light of her passing, Washington and Oregon passed laws that imposed better regulations over tanning bed usage, and a year after her death, the daughters of a close friend of Ashley’s inspired several hundred young students to sign a petition that stated they would never use a tanning bed.

Thus, Ashley’s dreams live on.

Professor whose ‘last lecture’ became a sensation dies

Professor whose ‘last lecture’ became a sensation dies

Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon University computer scientist whose “last lecture” about facing terminal cancer became an Internet sensation and a best-selling book, died Friday. He was 47.

Visit Carnegie-Mellon University’s remembrance to Dr. Pausch:

Pausch died at his home in Virginia, university spokeswoman Anne Watzman said. Pausch and his family moved there last fall to be closer to his wife’s relatives.

Pausch was diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer in September 2006. His popular last lecture at Carnegie Mellon in September 2007 garnered international attention and was viewed by millions on the Internet.

In it, Pausch celebrated living the life he had always dreamed of instead of concentrating on impending death.

“The lecture was for my kids, but if others are finding value in it, that is wonderful,” Pausch wrote on his Web site. “But rest assured; I’m hardly unique.”

The book “The Last Lecture,” written with Jeffrey Zaslow, leaped to the top of the nonfiction best-seller lists after its publication in April and remains there this week. Pausch said he dictated the book to Zaslow, a Wall Street Journal writer, by cell phone. The book deal was reported to be worth more than $6 million.

At Carnegie Mellon, he was a professor of computer science, human-computer interaction and design, and was recognized as a pioneer of virtual reality research. On campus, he became known for his flamboyance and showmanship as a teacher and mentor.

The speech last fall was part of a series Carnegie Mellon called “The Last Lecture,” where professors were asked to think about what matters to them most and give a hypothetical final talk. The name of the lecture series was changed to “Journeys” before Pausch spoke, something he joked about in his lecture.

“I thought, damn, I finally nailed the venue and they renamed it,” he said.

He told the packed auditorium he fulfilled almost all his childhood dreams–being in zero gravity, writing an article in the World Book Encyclopedia and working with the Walt Disney Co.

The one that eluded him? Playing in the National Football League.

“If I don’t seem as depressed or morose as I should be, sorry to disappoint you,” Pausch said.

He then joked about his quirky hobby of winning stuffed animals at amusement parks–another of his childhood dreams–and how his mother introduced him to people to keep him humble: “This is my son, he’s a doctor, but not the kind that helps people.”

Pausch said he was embarrassed and flattered by the popularity of his message. Millions viewed the complete or abridged version of the lecture, titled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” online.

Pausch lobbied Congress for more federal funding for pancreatic cancer research and appeared on “Oprah” and other TV shows. In what he called “a truly magical experience,” he was even invited to appear as an extra in the new “Star Trek” movie.

He had one line of dialogue, got to keep his costume and donated his $217.06 paycheck to charity.

Pausch blogged regularly about his medical treatment. On Feb. 15, exactly six months after he was told he had three to six months of healthy living left, Pausch posted a photo of himself to show he was “still alive & healthy.”

“I rode my bike today; the cumulative effects of the chemotherapy are hurting my stamina some, but I bet I can still run a quarter mile faster than most Americans,” he wrote.

Pausch gave one more lecture after his Carnegie Mellon appearance–in November at the University of Virginia, where he had taught from 1988 to 1997.

Pausch often emphasized the need to have fun.

“I mean I don’t know how to not have fun. I’m dying and I’m having fun. And I’m going to keep having fun every day I have left. Because there’s no other way to play it,” he said in his Carnegie Mellon lecture. “You just have to decide if you’re a Tigger or an Eeyore. I think I’m clear where I stand on the great Tigger/Eeyore debate. Never lose the childlike wonder. It’s just too important. It’s what drives us.”

Born in 1960, Pausch received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Brown University and his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon.

He co-founded Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center, a master’s program for bringing artists and engineers together. The university named a footbridge in his honor. He also created an animation-based teaching program for high school and college students to have fun while learning computer programming.

In February, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences in California announced the creation of the Dr. Randy Pausch Scholarship Fund for university students who pursue careers in game design, development and production.

He and his wife, Jai, had three children, Dylan, Logan and Chloe.

Ozzy Transferred to Intensive Care

Just days after Jack Osbourne reported his dad was “doing much better” after being hospitalized for flu complications, Ozzy Osbourne has been rushed to intensive care over concerns that he’s developed pneumonia.

“Poor old Ozzy hasn’t had the best of times,” an insider tells The Sun . “He’s been really struggling with flu which turned into bronchitis. Doctors feared he could contract pneumonia which, in a person over 70, can be fatal.”

The development marks Osbourne’s latest setback in his increasingly failing health. Prior to his hospitalization for the flu, he was treated for a staph infection and underwent surgery on his hand. In January, Osbourne ruptured a blood vessel in his eye from coughing too hard.

“Ozzy’s a fighter and is getting better by the day,” the source says. “The worst is over, he’s smiling again, and he can’t wait to get up on stage.”

Should Ozzy get up on stage again? By continuing to perform when they’ve gotten old, do rock stars change the way people remember them?


Woman Who Flipped Bird To Trump Motorcade FIRED

The woman who posted a photo of herself giving the middle finger to President Donald Trump’s motorcade to social media has been fired from her job, The Huffington Post reports.

As Trump returned from the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va., Sunday, Oct. 29, a woman later self-identified as Julie Briskman, made the rude gesture to the president’s motorcade twice as she was cycling on the same road.

According to the pool reporter on duty that day, “POTUS’s motorcade departed the Trump National Golf Club at 3.12pm, passing two pedestrians, one of whom gave a thumbs-down sign. Then it overtook a female cyclist, wearing a white top and cycling helmet, who responded by giving the middle finger.

“The motorcade had to slow and the cyclist caught up, still offering the finger, before turning off in a different direction. Motorcade is now gathering speed and heading for DC.”

At the time, Briskman was working for Akima LLC, a Virginia-based company that holds several government contracts, doing marketing and communications work. As the photo went viral with users calling her a “heroine,” Briskman’s bosses called her into a meeting Tuesday and gave her the bad news.

“They said, ‘We’re separating from you,’” Briskman told The Huffington Post in an interview, describing the firing. “Basically, you cannot have ‘lewd’ or ‘obscene’ things in your social media. So they were calling flipping him off ‘obscene.’”