When He Uncovered This With His Metal Detector, He Didn’t Expect It To Change His Life Forever

When He Uncovered This With His Metal Detector, He Didn’t Expect It To Change His Life Forever

Mike Smith loves history. That’s why he spends a lot of his free time wielding his metal detector with the hopes of finding something noteworthy. However, Smith never expected to sweep his detector over a find as massive as this one. Now it has changed his life forever and earned him about as much money as if he had won the lottery.

Smith from Pembrokeshire in the United Kingdom was out one day with his metal detector when it started to alert him to something under his feet. It was a very strong signal, much stronger than he was used to. As he swept the detector side to side, he realized that whatever was under his feet was much bigger than a coin or a sword.

When he started to dig into the dirt, it was not long before Mike Smith realized that he had found something utterly unique. Now he has become the first metal detectorist to discover a Celtic chariot from the Iron Age. This chariot is more than 2,000 years old and a piece of priceless history.

Back in the Iron Age, high-ranking officials and leaders would be buried with their chariots, as well as a stack of weapons and other prizes.

Because the find was deemed a treasure by the coroner, Mike Smith is set to receive a massive cash windfall. His hobby of hunting for buried treasure finally paid off for him.

Smith loves hunting for treasure like this, but he never expected to find anything this impressive.

“It is, but you’re definitely talking six or seven figures,” Smith said. “It’s the biggest ever metal detecting find, as in there’s never been a chariot ever discovered by a metal detectorist. There have been hoards found, but never anything like this.”

The first artifact Smith found was what he thought to be a broach. However, as he dug deeper and deeper, he realized it was part of a Celtic horse harness. Because he knew that this was treasure, he returned to the same spot the next day and continued to dig up more goodies. The pieces were all red enamel and dated between 25 and 75 AD.

“I knew the importance of them straight away,” he said. “It was just instinct. I’d read all about chariot burials and just wished it could have been me, so finding this has been a privilege.”

Now that Smith has found treasure in that spot, the location has become a major dig site. The site is now legally protected, and Smith was required to sell the 34 artifacts he found to a museum by law. But he was paid well. However, he had to share the money with the landowner, fifty-fifty.

“I still can’t believe it,” Smith added. “Obviously I’ve read other people’s finds. I’ve watched them on telly, and I’ve always thought, I wouldn’t mind finding that, it’s still surreal, and life-changing.”

Because it is the first of its kind, Smith’s treasure is now a highly sought after prize. National Museum Wales wants to secure the treasure for its archives.

Make Sure You Don’t Get The Wrong Shopping Cart At The Grocery Store Or You May Be Calling 911

The world can be a dangerous place, this is an undeniable fact. Nevertheless, life still goes on – letting yourself be consumed by worry and anxiety is simply not an option.

After all, you still have to take care of yourself. And among the things, you will need to do is obviously some grocery shopping to keep your fridge and shelves stocked.

So the easiest thing to do is to head on down to the nearest store – which is very likely your closest Wal-Mart – to pick up your necessities

Alas, with all the sick, twisted people that roam this world, even this might not be safe.

This was something Kelly Bouley of East Windsor, Connecticut had to learn in what is likely the most sadistic way possible.

She had entered the retail giant at about 9:15 pm and had opted to grab one of the shopping carts kindly provided by Wal-Mart.

This ordinary, almost daily action in and of itself should not have created much of a fuss. Sadly for Bouley, this was not the case.

Initially, all seemed well, with nothing out of the ordinary as she browsed the aisles.

Then, as she turned the corner, she caught something on the handle of her chosen shopping cart.

She wasn’t sure what it was, but she could feel it slice fairly deep into her flesh. Understandably panicked, she released her grip of the handle.

It was then she noticed the cause of her sudden pain – someone had embedded razor blade into the back of the handle, the blade’s edge angled to face outwards.

Image Credit: Facebook

This, naturally, was a horrifying discovery – especially since razor blades are perfectly capable of slicing one to the bone.

Considering that these instruments can cause severe, lasting damage to someone’s body, it is alarming that someone would deliberately jam these blades into places where they could hurt innocent strangers.

Image Credit: Facebook

Even worse still, it was reported by Daily Mail Online that this was a number 11. This type of razor blade was identified by Dr. Katherine Mashey as a surgical razor.

This discovery had alarmed the doctor on two points – Firstly, that someone had managed to obtain a surgical razor, and secondly, that this razor could have been contaminated.

Alternatively, it could have transmitted various blood-borne diseases such as HIV, and Hepatitis B or C.

Image Credit: Facebook

The police were called shortly thereafter, where they identified the razor blade.

Unfortunately, there was no way to trace who the perpetrator was. Det. Sgt. Matthew Carl of the East Windsor Police Department explained that this could have been done by anyone with malicious intent.

Wal-Mart has since released a statement vowing to take this matter seriously and check their carts regularly.

It is clear Bouley had gotten incredibly lucky to have walked away without any further injury.

After she got her injury bandaged at the hospital, she got the police to check the remaining shopping carts to ensure no further victims.

Since then, she has shared her story on Facebook in order to warn others.

Hopefully, no further incidents will come of this.

Man Caught Swinging Small Dog By The Leash Before Slamming It On The Floor

This cruel man is actually swinging the dog by the leash – up in the air, and then the dog was slammed down onto the floor.

This occurred in Viera, Florida and the man has been arrested.

The suspect’s name is Joseph Pendergrass, 19, he was seen on surveillance camera abusing the dog on Sunday.

The dog was a Shih Tzu that was named Lily. Sheriff Wayne Ivey from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said that this was the most despicable act of cruelty he has seen.

Pendergrass worked at the Barkingham Palace, and the dog belonged to the owners of the facility.

Lily was dragged by the leash, flung into the air twice and slammed against the concrete floor.

a look at this video

She was then kicked before being dragged out of view of the camera.

She suffered a broken leg but is expected to recover.

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Man Stitches Puppy’s Mouth Shut With A Cord And Brags About It Online

Hank was a puppy who belonged to Sheela Deskins. Sheela loved Hank very much but things soon turn ugly.

Sheela’s boyfriend, Matt McMichael, disliked Hank as he thought that Hank was barking excessively.

Both Matt and Sheela live in Eugene, Oregon.

Matt had decided to cease Hank’s barking once and for all. He decided to tie a plastic cord which was commonly used in shopping malls, around Hank’s muzzle.

Unfortunately for Matt, the photo of Hank quickly went viral and sparked outrage among netizens worldwide.

Matt later noticed the outrage that his photo had caused so he deleted his account.

Sadly, Matt did not face any charges due to his actions.

Look at this horrid image:

Image Credit: yousignanimals

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Four Charged With Forcing 14-Year-Old Girl To Have Sex With Men For Money

In Philadelphia Reggie Jamal Fields, 23, Shawn Jackson, 23, Fantasia Gale, 21, and Shaikey Copper, 18, have been charged with trafficking a 14-year-old girl.

A fifth suspect, Angelo Romero, 24, remains at large.

According to police, the 14-year-old escaped after being held as their prisoner for two days, she was forced to perform sexual acts on several different men.

sex trafficking
Image Credit: N/A

Detective Kate Gordon from the Special Victims Unit stated that the victim was moved to different places to have ‘dates.’

One report said the young girl managed to escape after convincing her captors that she needed to buy something from a convenience store, International Business Times reported that she left while they were sleeping.

sex trafficking
Image Credit: Fantasia Gale / Facebook

But it really doesn’t matter how she got away, the important thing is that she did get away and the people responsible for using her have been found and arrested.

The four suspects have been charged with involuntary servitude, unlawful restraint, trafficking an individual, and more.

This whole mess started when the girl had run away from home on April 23.

sex trafficking
Image Credit: Fantasia Gale / Facebook

She thought Cooper was her friend and she reached out to him. Cooper told her she had to do some work for him, and then he raped her.

At Fields’ house, Gale reportedly put an ad online advertising her for sex.

The 14-year-old is believed to have had sexual relations with more than a dozen men in two days.

Let’s hope that Romero is found soon and all of these monsters are put away for a very long time.

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Angry Husband Fills Wife’s Car With Cement After Changing Her Last Name For A Supermarket Promotion(VIDEO)

Apparently, the newest form of revenge involves filling cars with cement. Don’t ask me, I didn’t come up with this.

When an unnamed woman in St. Petersburg, Russia, changed her last name to the name of the supermarket chain she works for, her husband was understandably less than thrilled.

She had done so due to a promotion at the store, where people could change their names to the store’s in exchange for $875/month for as long as they kept it.

The couple was experiencing a rough patch in their marriage, so her husband took this very badly.

He decided to get revenge on her for her actions by hiring a cement truck driver to pour cement into her car, which she took very good care of, through an open window.

He seemed quite thrilled with the result as the car was filled to the windows with the mixture, and he even filmed the act as it played out!

Take a look at this video

It’s definitely a bit of an extreme reaction, but the video has since gone viral, and opinions are mixed as to whether he should go to jail or be commended!

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Here’s Why You Should Start Adding Salt To Your Shampoo

Salt is one of mankind’s favorite ingredients. It’s great for subtle but clear flavor and it has lots of other uses, too, ranging from stain removal, fall prevention, and ant deterring.

But have you ever thought that you can add salt to your shampoo?


Though undoubtedly a rather odd idea in concept, adding salt to hair products is actually a really good idea.

It provides countless benefits to you, and results appear fairly quickly – usually within a couple of weeks.

Plus, the fact that it’s a completely natural ingredient means it’s safe for you to use.

Here’s why salt is so good for your skin and your hair!

1. Reduce Dandruff (And Other Scalp Issues)


Dandruff is a very annoying problem, but it’s only one of the many problems your scalp may face. Growth of fungi can be irritating and gross to deal with on a head of hair.

Who could’ve guessed that it takes to prevent or fight these issues is salt?

A couple of tablespoons in shampoo will do the trick!

But what about more serious scalp problems, or severe dandruff?

Wet your hair directly, wash your hair with your normal shampoo, then use sea salt to massage the scalp for about 10 minutes.

Make sure to cover as much of your scalp as possible. Your skin will thank you!

2. Prevents Oiliness


Do you have issues with greasy hair? Salt is the way to go! It’s no wonder that it works so well since salt can also be used to clean up oil stains around your home.

When massaged into your scalp with your shampoo, it can prevent oiliness and a buildup of grease.

Mix between two and three tablespoons of this mineral into the shampoo you use to enjoy results within 7 days.

3. Helps Hair Growth


Thick hair in abundance is the goal for most people. While salt can’t grant you this necessarily, it can definitely help to stimulate the scalp so new hair grows.

This can prevent the onset of hair loss, and it can also help stop ongoing hair fall in its tracks.

Just use a few tablespoons of salt within a bottle of your normal shampoo to get this to work for you.

Again, just like with dandruff, direct sea salt massages will work even better!

What salt can you use?

You are now aware of all the wonders that salt can do for your hair. But exactly what types of salt are the best for this purpose?

You can’t just use any or all types – some work much better than others for the hair and skin, and you’ll want the most effective ones.

Here are three great choices for this purpose!

1. Epsom Salt


This salt is great for curbing oiliness. Plus, when mixed in equal parts with hair conditioner and left on the hair for 20 minutes, it adds amazing amounts of volume.

2. Sea Salt


As aforementioned, sea salt is great for scalp massages. It is full of great nutrients that provide hair protection and scalp nourishment.

3. Table Salt


Iodized salt that you likely have in your kitchen is a fantastic option!

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Plant That Causes Severe Burns And Blindness Is Sweeping All Across America

A plant known as the giant Hogweed, or Heracleum mantegazzianum, has been spreading and growing, making its way across a number of states in America.

It might look quite beautiful, but the fact is that contact with this plant can have devastating effects.

There are a number of dangerous plants out there that can irritate the skin when touched or poison you if consumed, but the giant Hogweed – which is also known by many other names, such as giant cow parsnip, giant cow parsley, cartwheel-flower, or hogsbane – is especially dangerous.

A mere touch of this plant’s sap can result in lifelong scarring or burns on the skin or even permanent blindness if it gets into the eye.

Image Credit: N/A

As of now, this plant has made its way into the states of Maryland, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington, with Virginia being the newest of affected states.

The rampant spread of giant Hogweed has led health officials, experts and authorities to issue warnings to citizens about keeping safe around this plant.

Lovely to look at on the outside, the giant Hogweed grows to be between 8 and 14 feet and has lobed, dark green leaves that can hit a whopping 5 feet in diameter.

It has a thick and hollow stem that is peppered with white hairs and little purple dots and specks, and over the very top of the plant is a large umbrella formation full of incredibly beautiful white flowers.

Needless to say, it’s quite a sight to behold – but don’t let it fool you!

Image Credit: N/A

The giant Hogweed makes use of a particular kind of sap that contains a chemical known as Photosynthesizing furanocoumarins.

The purpose of this sap is to make the plant extremely sensitive to light to promote better growth and health.

Unfortunately, that means that if it gets onto your skin, it will make the affected area highly prone to sunburns.

In fact, contact with this sap can cause third-degree burns and a variety of skin problems that cannot be cured and will be with you for the rest of your life.

On top of that, if the sap touches your eye by accident, the hypersensitivity to light can cause permanent blindness.

If you do touch sap by accident, you should immediately get out of the sun and go somewhere shady. Rinse your skin thoroughly with soap and cold water.

Even if you don’t see adverse effects, it’s a good idea to continuously apply sunscreen to the area or wear a bandage or clothing that will fully cover it from the sun, even for months after the incident.

If your clothes get sap on them, remove immediately, taking care not to get any on your skin, and wash separately from other clothing.

What happens if you spot a giant Hogweed growing in your yard? Do not under any circumstances try to get rid of it yourself!

Don’t weed whack, mow, or cut it as that will just promote further growth and spreading and make the chances of the sap seeping through the air much higher.

Instead, contact a professional plant control specialist as soon as possible.

Study Suggests McDonald’s French Fries Could Actually Cure Baldness

Countless people around the world deal with hair loss and baldness. But what if I told you that the secret to the long-sought-after cure for this problem lies in fast food?

That’s right, not only are McDonald’s fries delicious (and unhealthy!), they also might hold the key to a solution for hair loss.

Researchers at Yokohama National University, Japan, have found that dimethylpolysiloxane, which is a type of chemical found in McDonald’s fries, might just be able to prevent baldness altogether.

Dimethylpolysiloxane is used in the oil that McDonald’s puts in their deep fryer, and it is meant to prevent the hot oil from splashing.


So what does this all have to do with hair fall? When, this team of researchers attempted to use dimethylpolysiloxane to stimulate the growth of hair follicle germs, or HFG, in large quantities on mice.

And they succeeded – the use of oxygen-permeable dimethylpolysiloxane from a culture vessel’s bottom was transplanted onto lab rats.

This created 5,000 HFG and stimulated further hair growth after.


But you may be concerned as to why something like this is present in fries.

It’s not actually as surprising as one may think, as the chemical is used in countless different products, including shampoos, moisturizers, conditioners, and lotions.

Unfortunately, though, stuffing yourself with friends isn’t going to regrow your hair – you need a much higher concentration of dimethylpolysiloxane to achieve that goal since fries only contain a tiny amount.


Hair loss is experienced by approximately half of all American women and men by the time they turn 40 years old.

Contrary to popular belief, though, this isn’t because of genetics passed down from mothers.

Instead, modern doctors have found evidence that suggests patterns of baldness are inherited from different genes from many different family members, and that they can even be influenced by certain environmental factors.


For the most part, hair loss is hereditary. Scientifically known as alopecia, it is typically passed down from one generation to the next.

The most common kind is androgenetic alopecia, which is known as male pattern baldness. This issue affects a whopping 80% of all men as well as a surprisingly 50% of all women.


Men’s first symptoms of this condition will be receding hairlines that pull back from their temples to the middle of their heads.

Meanwhile, the first symptoms that women will see begin in the center of the head. Of course, other factors can also lead to hair loss.

Using a lot of chemicals and hair devices can damage the hair follicles or leave them scarred.


How much hair is normal to lose in a day?

Up to 100 strands are typically lost daily, though that number jumps to around 250 if you have just used shampoo in your hair.

There are approximately 10,000 hair strands on your hair, so we have no problems replenishing that.

But what if you are dealing with hair loss?

As of right now, tests with dimethylpolysiloxane have yet to be conducted for humans, but researchers are hoping to have similar results with them.

They consider it a promising method that could improve a variety of hair loss issues and boost regenerative therapy – so here’s hoping for the best!

Bride Stunned After Groom’s Ex-Lover Crashes Their Wedding Wearing A Bridal Gown

Heartbreak is painful, but the extent to which some people will go to mend their shattered emotions is mind-boggling.

During a wedding ceremony in China, a gleeful bride and groom were exchanging vows when the unfathomable happened.

Right as they were about to seal their nuptials with a kiss, the groom’s ex-lover barged in.

As if that scenario isn’t bizarre enough, she was dressed in the trappings of a soon-to-be bride.

She made her way over to the groom, grabbed his hand, and begged for his forgiveness.

If love is patient and kind, this groom’s ex-girlfriend completely missed the mark.

All the while, the bride is looking on disapprovingly, wondering how her wedding day took a sharp turn for the worse.

At the same time, the groom vehemently denies his ex-lover’s unreasonable requests.

Once he’d successfully withdrawn from her clench, the groom attempted to appease his bride. Not surprisingly, she wasn’t having it.

She stormed out of the room in a last-ditch effort to escape the awkward love triangle. The groom chases after her, but it was likely in vain.

groom ex-girlfriend crashes wedding

The ex-girlfriend is left writhing on the floor. The groom’s decision to leave her was made clear at that moment.