2 Men Cleared Of Rape Because Judge Ruled Their Victim Was Too Ugly

In Italy, two men were cleared of all rape charges after the judge ruled that the victim had been “too masculine” and ugly. The two men, who were each 22-years-old, had been convicted of raping a woman in 2016, and were later cleared in 2017 – but only now was the reason for their acquittal made public. During the trial, the accused rapists talked about how they found the victim unattractive and even stored her number in their phone as “Viking” because her features were too masculine.

Because the judge ruled in favor of the alleged rapists over the fact that the woman was not traditionally beautiful, protestors gathered in front of the courthouse in Ancona on Monday. The judges at the central Italian location had to fight through crowds as they explained their bias toward the men and their refusal to believe the testimony of the alleged rape victim.

Hundreds of protestors stood outside of the court crying “For Shame!” as the Italian justice system was exposed for its misogyny and its “witch hunt” against women in favor of men.

The two men, who both hailed from Peru, were convicted in 2016 of raping the Peruvian woman back in 2015. However, the Ancona court granted their appeal because they could not believe that the two men would forcibly engage in sexual activity with the woman.

The woman described how one of the men raped her while the other stood guard. They had spiked her drink with drugs so they could easily take advantage of her and victimize her against her will.

Doctors found injuries consistent with rape. They also found traces of the date rape drug in her blood, making it very plausible that her story was the truth. However, the judge took a look at the victim and ruled that it was “not possible to exclude the possibility that it was the alleged victim who organized the ‘exuberant’ evening.”

The judge said that the man who had been accused of rape said the “didn’t even like the girl, to the point of having stored her number in his phone under the nickname ‘Viking’ an allusion to an anything but feminine figure, rather a masculine one. The photograph present in her file would appear to confirm this.”

Because the public is outraged that the judge would free the men who seemed to have raped this woman, the case will be heard again from the beginning in Perugia. The court date has yet to be determined.

Readers on Daily Mail argued that the judge was completely wrong to allow these men back onto the streets.

“Rape has nothing to do with being ‘attractive.’ It’s down to a desire to show power and to humiliate the victim, just look at where such things were systematic.”

“What difference does it make if a victim isn’t attractive? Rape is still rape!”

“Rape is rape!”

What do you think about the way the judge viewed this evidence? In your opinion does attraction have anything to do with sexual assault or is it all about power?

5-Year-Old Girl Doesn’t Know How To Speak, Then Police Make 2nd Troubling Find

5-Year-Old Girl Doesn’t Know How To Speak, Then Police Make 2nd Troubling Find

A Russian mother left her five-year-old girl alone in the house for days, forcing the child to fend for herself as she struggles among the piles of cockroach-infested garbage throughout the home. Police rescued the girl, who is being called a real “Mowgli girl,” after she was discovered in those deplorable conditions. She had “no language or social skills” and was left alone to live among the foul-smelling, rotting garbage.

The child, who was found abandoned in the trash, has been dubbed Lyubov (love in English) and was severely dehydrated and sick. Her 47-year-old mother, Irina Garashchenko was “absent for days” at the toxic apartment in Moscow. Because the girl had nothing and no one, she builds a den out of piles of putrid garbage to protect herself from the cockroaches and the shadows of the night.

The apartment was so dangerous that police officers used hazardous materials suits as they rescued the girl. The Russian media dubbed the girl a “Mowgli,” although it is unclear if she was living with cats and dogs or in solitary confinement.

The girl “could not speak, only make sounds, and was not socialized.” She had a necklace that had ingrown in her neck because her mother never removed it when she got too big to wear it.

When police rescued her, they offered her water, and she “drank two liters.” Investigators noticed “pronounced signs of anorexia,” which indicates that she did not have food to eat.

One neighbor knew the girl was in trouble and called the police.

“We almost fainted at the condition of the apartment and from the smell,” the neighbor said. “Police had to wear chemical protection.”

Police indicated that the garbage that the girl built her den out of was rotting and smell foul as anything on this Earth.

The neighbor added, “A five-year-old girl was sitting on the windowsill in the kitchen in a hat and T-shirt with no underwear. She was crying. There was no food. There were cockroaches everywhere.”

Police are not sure if the little girl ever left the apartment. There is a chance that Irina, her mother, kept her locked in the building like a scientific specimen. Neighbors could only say that five-years ago, Irina brought the newborn baby home and thought the baby had gone to live with the grandmother after Irina’s husband was deported to Ukraine. It seems like the girl might have been locked and living in the apartment all that time amid the trash and cockroaches.

While the police were saving the child’s life, the mother returned and tried to flee the scene. However, she was captured and has been detained by police on charges of “attempted murder.”

Neighbors remember seeing the mother “dressed well” as if she made a lot of money and more than enough to care for a child. They thought she had a professional job and remember her sweeping the communal areas of the apartment complex, which they appreciated. Little did they know but she was harboring a child, neglecting the girl, and forcing her to live among the roaches.

What do you think about these conditions?

Mom Puts Kids Up For Sale So That She Can Have More Time To Date

Mom Puts Kids Up For Sale So That She Can Have More Time To Date

A young mother simply wanted an influx of cash. But the Russian woman was willing to go too far to obtain it. Because she put her newborn baby girl on the black market for sale, she has been arrested demanding a price of just $15,000 for the adorable, little girl. Because selling children on the black market is an illegal offense in Russia, the woman was caught and has been arrested and will face justice for what she did to her newborn baby girl.

Russia is having a lot of problems these days. This case is the third of its kind in recent history. The woman sold her baby for about $15,000 on the black market, handing over the newborn to a couple of strangers just a week after the child came into the world.

The woman who was willing to sell her baby for cash was 23-year-old Barnokhon Rasulzhan Kyzy. The woman even wrote out a receipt for the transaction, selling her baby for one million roubles, which converts to about $15,000.

However, Kyzy fell right into the trap of an anti-slavery group who worked with undercover police to catch criminals like this greedy mom. They found her advertisement to trade the baby on the black market and swooped in to catch her in the act. She was all too happy to accept the money for the newborn and even wrote the receipt out when asked to do so.

This is not the first time Kyzy has tried to sell a human. When her older daughter was about a year old, she tried to sell her for the same price but failed. No one wanted her child.

Because this crime is punishable in Russia, Kyzy confessed to her crimes. She is currently being detained for six months while the prosecution gathers all its evidence against her, sorts through the abundant supply, and creates their case to present to the judge who will slam the gavel down hard on this greedy mom willing to sell her baby into slavery for cash.

Although Kyzy lives in the oil-rich part of Russian known as Ufa, she got none of that wealth and was willing to engage in black market dealings for money to fund her habits. Russia enforces a light penalty of just six years in prison for trying to sell a person into slavery.

The head of Anti-Alvery Group Alternative, Oleg Melnikov said: “We prevented the sale of a newborn girl who could fall into the hands of the criminals.”

Another source in the Russian Investigative Committee added, “The life of the child is not now in danger.”

Thankfully, Kyzy fell into the hands of law enforcement. However, many babies are sold in Russia all the time and are not caught by anti-slavery groups and undercover police. If the country increased the penalty for the crimes, perhaps fewer people would engage in human trafficking.

Because of this incident, Kyzy’s children will likely be put up for adoption.

The Russian Investigative Committee warned that there is a current fad of selling babies in Russia and people need to watch out for the criminals.

Beware Of This Text Scam That Could Cost You Thousands Of Dollars

There is a new cellphone text scam circulating that could drain your entire bank account with no chance of recovery.Fraudsters will send text messages to your phone using your bank’s phone number, requesting you call fraud prevention line to confirm your identity. They’ll make you confirm your bank details, which will give them access to all your funds.

One woman had over $75,000 stolen from her accounts this week, but her bank is refusing to reimburse her because it’s not their error.

“I received the text, but this wasn’t unusual as I’ve had messages from them before,” saysClaire Pearson, who lost over $75,000 to the scam. “It said there had been suspicious activity on my account, asked “do you recognize this transaction?”, if not call this number. I clicked the number and it called through, and the call went on for 30 minutes. The man I spoke to was lovely, we built up a rapport and he said they would send me a new card in three days.”Pearson’s bank, Santander, refused to reimburse her.

“When there has been no Santander error and customers have divulged personal, security information, we cannot accept any responsibility for the losses on the account.

Man Bought His House 102 Years Ago From Sears. Here’s What It Looks Like Today

Of all the things made to last, this has got to be one of the best!

Sears has been experiencing their ups and downs lately. They have just reported that they’ll be shutting down some of the stores they own throughout the country as a result of a steady decline in sales.

It’s sad to see companies that have helped America prosper shutting down.

Ford, GE, and GMC struggle to keep up with economically powerful companies like Amazon and Google. Amazon and Google are respected giants of the 21st century.

As innovative technology continues to grow, it’s hard for successful companies established long ago to keep up with the pace.

Sear’s legacy will not die, even though we are aware of the fact this company will no longer be around.

It was a 1900s top retailer that was responsible for building the America of today.

This company was innovated in several ways. One of these ways was mail-order businesses.

Sears has sold appliances, houses, automobiles, and more. They have sold many items.

Many of the companies that exist today make things that don’t last long, but Sears was recognized for having high-quality products.

A Reddit user by the name of RealHotSauceBoss said he is in the process of restoring a house his grandfather purchased from Sears in 1916.sears houseIn 1916, this house was sold for a little more than $1,000. When you think about how much that house would cost today, the price wasn’t at all bad.

There were many different models you could purchase, and they would be shipped by Sears to any place in the country.

The only thing you needed was a piece of land for your house, and it could be quickly set up for use.

Pieces of the house were shipped along with blueprints made to guide you through the construction process. The house was to be built one piece at a time.

How wonderfully innovative.

This concept would be a regular one now. With the availability of compact houses all over the country, people are starting to return to living in simple conditions.

There are many do-it-yourself people who would also jump at the chance to get hold of blueprints and construct homes for themselves.

Records from the Sears Archives of Atlas Obscura indicate that more than 75,000 mail-order houses were sold from 1908 to 1940.

Model No. 137 was this Reddit user’s father’s home that sold for approximately $1,200 in 1916. When adjustments for inflation were made, this amount was equal to $27,000.

The Sears mail-order house made it through a century of hard times.

sears houseWritten by the Reddit user was information about the house. It was stated that the wood used then was untreated. Therefore, the outside was very coarse.

The structure of the house was sound, however.

We constructed a HardiePlank shell over the external surface and put storm windows over the existing ones.

The existing windows had to be replaced because they were worn and they leaked.

Considering the cement used is older than a century, the condition of the cellar is good. This project is still extremely interesting.

What do you feel people of the future year 2118 will look back on in amazement?

Do you think they will find our phones amazing, our computers, or something that’s so essential to daily life it won’t be something we notice?

Mom Thinks Her Little Son Got Stung By A Wasp, Then His Body Turns Blue

Don’t you just love playing outside with your children on a nice day in the summer, or even just watching them play.

They love to explore, especially when they are still toddlers and just beginning to walk. And, they’re not afraid of anything.

As parents, we’re all used to the little bumps and scrapes that can happen, even an occasional bug bite.

little son viper bite

But, there are actually some life-threatening dangers outside that we should all be aware of.

Here’s how one of the simple joys of summertime turned into a horrific scenario for one young mother.

Elisabeth Nordgarden was outside with her three-year-old son, Kristoffer, enjoying a beautiful summer day in her garden.

Little Kristoffer loved to run barefoot through the grass, exploring and learning about nature.

Of course, not wearing shoes meant that there was always a possibility of him getting bitten or stung by something.

little son viper bite

So, Elisabeth wasn’t overly concerned when her little toddler came running to her with tears running down his face.

Elisabeth comforted her son, trying to calm him down, assuming that he had a scrape or had been stung by a wasp or bee.

But, after a few minutes, his little foot started to turn blue. She quickly called emergency services.

Both an ambulance and a helicopter were on the scene within minutes.

Paramedics told Elisabeth that it was a viper bite, and little Kristoffer was rushed to the hospital, where he was given an antivenom immediately.

little son viper bite
VCoscaron / Shutterstock

At first, he showed improvement. But, suddenly, things got much worse. Little Kristoffer’s intestines were bleeding internally, causing almost his entire body to turn blue.

The viper’s venom had destroyed nearly half of his blood cells, and he was rapidly losing weight.

little son viper bite

Elisabeth could only watch in horror and disbelief as her little boy was fighting for his life.

Luckily, after two weeks in the hospital, Kristoffer finally recovered, and was able to go home.

little son viper biteElisabeth now wants to warn all parents about the dangers of letting their children play outside, especially in high grass, without shoes.

She stresses the importance of children wearing boots when playing outside in the yard.

little son viper bite
Irina Kozorog / Shutterstock

Sadly, Kristoffer is not alone.

Many children suffer from snakebites every year, and their little bodies will suffer the consequences more severely than adults, often resulting in fatalities.

Hopefully, the lesson learned by Elisabeth and little Kristoffer will prevent other tragedies from happening.

Her Boyfriend Dumped Her Because She Was “Too Fat,” So She Made Sure He Would Regret It Forever

Her Boyfriend Dumped Her Because She Was “Too Fat,” So She Made Sure He Would Regret It Forever

There’s no telling what can motivate a person to make a significant life change. Perhaps they’ve gotten a health diagnosis, a new job, or meet the person of their dreams. There are also negative things that can influence someone to change their lives once and for all. These motivators are kind of like a big “I told you so” that no one can deny – now one woman just got revenge on her horrible ex-boyfriend.

“Fitness Goddess” Wei Xiaoting from China may only be 21, but she has already transformed her life like few people twice her age are able to do. Because her ex-boyfriend dumped her for being “too fat” for his taste, she went on to prove him wrong by joining a gym and become a fitness model. Now Xiaoting, who was dumped when she weighed just 165 pounds, has transformed her body and become the national bikini champion in a matter of two years after he dumped her.

When the boyfriend slighted her, it really affected her because he was her first boyfriend ever and she loved him. Because she gave him her heart, he broke it and left it shattered in pieces at her feet, dumping her for a superficial reason.

Xiaoting granted MailOnline an interview, saying: “He was my first-ever boyfriend and we had dated for two years. One day in 2016, he went back to his home country unexpectedly and never returned.”

When her hurtful boyfriend dumped her, she was studying for a degree in management at a college in southern China’s Guangxi Province. Her boyfriend was seven years older than her and felt powerful putting down a younger girl.

“He played rugby and went to the gym often. I would sometimes go with him, but he would say to me in my face: ‘Look at your figure, you would never win any fitness competition,’” Xiaoting said.

Because her boyfriend shamed her for being “too fat,” her classmates also teased her too.

“A lot of people said I was very fat. I got the cold shoulder from my classmates, and they didn’t want to hang out with me. Because of the ill treatment I got from other people, and because of the hurt I got when my ex-boyfriend left me, I decided to hit the gym and become a better self,” she said.

Now she’s a national bikini champion, proving all her critics wrong. But the person who is kicking themselves most is her ex-boyfriend.

Although the ridicule might have stopped some people in their tracks, it only served to make Xiaoting stronger. She hit the gym with gusto and gave it her all. Without a coach, she designed her workout plan. But changing her diet was the hardest.

“All I could eat was a small portion of potato, corn and hard-boiled chicken, and I had to eat those for three and four months. I became very temperamental because of the nutritional change in my body,” she said.

What do you think about this young woman’s results? Did she prove her ex-boyfriend wrong or what?

He Went To Prison At 11 Years Old For Murder. 9 Years Later, Police Have Found Some New Evidence

The justice system is not perfect. Sometimes innocent people get thrown behind bars because of prejudice or because of a mistake while collecting evidence. The same is true for murderers and criminals who get away with their heinous acts. But when a Pennsylvania court sentenced an 11-year-old boy to prison for murdering his father’s pregnant fiancé, they locked him up and threw away the key.

Jordan Brown has been rotting in prison for the last nine years. He is now a twenty-year-old man and still promises he did not commit the murder. So on Wednesday, the Pennsylvania court finally listened to him and overturned his conviction.

The state Supreme Court of Pennsylvania voted five to zero to clear Jordan Brown of any wrongdoing. It was not Brown who was responsible for killing 26-year-old Kenzie Houk, who was eight months pregnant at the time of her death. Her corpse was found at Brown’s family’s rural Pennsylvania farmhouse.

The state Supreme Court reversed the ruling that Brown was guilty of first-degree murder and the homicide of an unborn child. Prosecutors had never provided enough evidence to prove Brown’s guilt although he was found guilty in both the Lawrence County juvenile court and at the state appellate court level.

State Supreme Court justices found the evidence against the then 11-year-old boy to be insufficient to keep him locked up. For example, the shotgun kept in Brown’s bedroom, which was thought to be the murder weapon, could also “support an equally reasonable conclusion” that it was not the same gun that fired the killing shot.

Houk was found lying face down in a bed with a shotgun wound to the back of her head.

Brown’s attorney Kate Burdick said he maintained his innocence since the killing. And this overturning is “long overdue justice.”

“While we can’t give J.B. his childhood back, we are glad the Supreme Court has cleared his name so that he can move forward with a productive life,” Burdick said.

On the day Houk was killed, Jordan’s father, Chris Brown, left for work. Houk was with Jordan and her two daughters who were four and seven at the time. Jordan and Houk’s eldest daughter then left to catch the school bus.

The youngest girl found her mother dead in the pool of blood. Police searched for Houk’s ex-boyfriend, who often made threats. Two weeks before she died, her ex-boyfriend received results from a paternity test confirming that the youngest daughter was not his. The night before she died, he confronted Houk’s parents at a nightclub. The interaction got heated, and security forced him out of the place.

Jordan later told police that he noticed Houk’s ex-boyfriend’s pickup truck on the property when he went to school. They ignored him and never included the ex-boyfriend as a suspect.

Prosecution targeted Brown because he felt left out of the family. They also found gunshot residue on his clothing and other circumstantial evidence like a newly spent shotgun shell casing along the route he walked to the bus.

My Grandfather Bought A House From A Sears Catalog 100 Years Ago. See What It Looks Like Now

Sears has been going on a roller coaster ride recently. They just made an announcement that they will be closed another few dozen stores after sales worldwide dwindle. It’s a depressing fact to face that the companies that once defined America are slowing dying. General Electric, Ford, GMC, and Sears are struggling to fight against the economic goliaths of the 21st century – Amazon, Google, and Apple – especially as many of these companies venture into self-driving cars and other innovative technologies.

While Sears as we know it might go away, it’s legacy will not die. Sears was an instrumental retailer throughout the 1900s and helped build the America that we know and love today. They innovated in many ways, including their mail-order business. They’ve sold many things including appliances, home goods, and even houses through their catalogs. And while things might not be built to last by today’s companies, Sears did a great job producing quality items back in the early 1900s.

Reddit user RealHotSauceBoss announced that he is busying renovating his grandfather’s home, which the man bought from a Sears catalog back in 1916.

At the time, Sears sold the house this man bought for just over a thousand bucks. Not a bad price considering how much one could go for today. They had several models available for purchase and would ship them throughout the country. All you needed was a plot of land to plop the house down on, and you’d have a place to live. The house was shipped to the customer in pieces, complete with blueprints. Then it was the purchaser’s job to build it piece by piece. Talk about an innovative solution. Right? This idea sounds like it would be popular today. With the proliferation of tiny houses across the country, people are trending back toward simpler living. And a lot of DIYers would love to get blueprints and pieces to build their dream home.

Atlas Obscura indicates through its Sears Archives that the company sold about 75,000 mail-order comes between 1908 and 1940. The house that the grandfather from the Reddit post built was called Model No. 137. The house cost about $1200 in 1916, which translates to about $27,000 in 2016 considering inflation.

Despite being a mail-order home, the Sears product survived a century of hard living.

“It has held up remarkably well, all things considered,” the Reddit user wrote. “Obviously, the wood wasn’t treated back then, so the exterior was in rough shape, but the house was structurally sound. To preserve the interior we essentially had to build a shell of HardiePlank over the old exterior, then we put storm windows over the original windows. The original roof was unrecoverable due to wear and leakage, so it was completely replaced. The basement is in unbelievably good shape considering that cement is a century old! It continues to be a really interesting project.”

In the year 2118, what do you think the people yet to come will look at from our time and marvel at? Will it be our smartphones, our computers? Or will be something so fundamental to our lives that we hardly notice it?

“In God We Trust” On Our Currency. Yes Or No?

This is quite a controversial topic. A judge recently struck down a case regarding the religious wording on U.S. currency. The plaintiff argued that the phrase “In God We Trust,” that is seen on American dollars, is a breach of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and places a burden on a person’s right to exercise religious freedom.

Do you support keeping “In God We Trust” on all American currency? Yes or no?