Dog travels more than 100 km to bite its owner after being abandoned

Dog travels more than 100 km to bite its owner after being abandoned

A neighbor of New Mexico, Santiago Martinez, went to Albuquerque to spend his holidays like every year. However, this year he decided unfortunately to abandon its cherished dog Golden Retriever, because he explains to some friends “I am sick of the dog because I cannot go to anywhere without having to lug it. At the first gas station, I send him to the hell.”

What he never imagined was that nine days later after many regrets his dog was going to appear right there on the beach, sniffing in each corner in search of its owner. At that moment, Santiago was immersed in a terrible sensation of guilty and he was runnig to embrace his dog and to reward its loyalty. However, according to witnesses the dog came gasped and it had an expression like: “you’ll be a son of a bitch, you left me in that way”, when the dog was in his arms, it didn’t hesitate and it bit him hard. Then Santiago sudden cried out that they say came to be heard in the Grand Canyon National Park.

The dog turned around and went back home making hitchhiking looked like a abandoned dog, so it was adopted by a wonderful family who didn’t really know what was going on, while Santiago was getting cured of his wounds at the aid station.

Camera Crew Is Filming Gorilla When He Walks In The Road To Stop Traffic, Then They See Movement In A Bush

Camera Crew Is Filming Gorilla When He Walks In The Road To Stop Traffic, Then They See Movement In A Bush

The wildlife has a lot of surprises for us that sometimes we can’t resist the urge to be astounded by how smart some of the creatures are. This is the reason why when wildlife photographer Gordon Buchanan visited the Democratic Republic of Congo to film a documentary for BBC, he never expected he would experience an uncommon event and they would be able to catch it on film.

Definitely his perks of being a wildlife filmmaker.

While his camera crew was setting up, a unique sight caught his attention in the bushes. It was a huge silverback gorilla and it was standing off the side of the road. It was scanning the area as trucks are continuously were driving by. Buchanan decided that he has to capture whatever was happening before his eyes. Buchanan sensed that something was up because the gorilla has the tensed look on his eyes.

Buchanan still couldn’t figure out what was bothering the huge creature. So he instructed his crew to step into the road to check on scene. Then suddenly, something changed and it was all clear why the silverback gorilla was behaving in such a way.

While the cameras are rolling, his crew was able to capture something that they would not be able to forget for the rest of their lives. Instead of letting Buchanan’s crew get closer, the huge gorilla stepped in. Just as the cameramen were settling into the road, the traffic stopped immediately.

Since the trucks have already passed by them, the 1500 pounds gorilla stepped into the middle of the street, stood guard and signaled his family to cross the road.

This is when Buchanan realized that the huge creature was frantic because he was protecting his big family. It was clear that he would be willing to risk his life if this meant that he would be able to make sure that his family could cross this busy road, safely.

Humans and Gorillas: The Similarities

According to experts, gorillas are naturally protective of their family and it is believed that the human influence may be one of the reasons why the gorillas are so keen to aggressively protect when their families are with them. Like humans, mother gorillas are very protective of their young, and so as the father gorillas. It is a known fact that gorillas have very close similarities to humans.

These primates share about 98. 3% of their DNA with humans.

The baby gorillas are cared for by their mothers like the human babies are. They stick with their mom for about 2 ½ years. These baby gorillas will start to crawl at around nine months and when they reach four months, they are expected to be able to grasp their mothers’ fur and start to eat and sleep on piggyback.

The male gorillas mature when they reach 11 years old while the females mature at 8. They can live for about 35 years old in the wild and can reach up to 50 years while in captivity. When the male gorillas mature, they may leave their group as solitary silverbacks or group leaders, or they will start they own family group.

Gordon Buchanan was definitely honored to have seen this astonishing event. Videos like these will help us better comprehend the wild and how these creatures live. Let us always be respectful to other animals and let them be. Let us stop aggravating their territory since, similar to us, we wouldn’t want our homes to be trespassed by other individuals.

Freddy Is The Tallest Dog In The World And These Photos Of Him Are Unreal (3 photos)

Freddy Is The Tallest Dog In The World And These Photos Of Him Are Unreal (3 photos)

Giants walk amidst us, and who says they have to be humans. While there are human freaks of nature that reach intimidating unbelievable heights, they also have their non-human companions as well. At an astonishing 7 feet 6 inches, a dog named Freddy has been officially declared as the biggest dog in the world.

Freddy is a great Dane and is typical of his kind to be of massive size an average adult male weighs as much as 190 pounds and stands as tall as 33 inches at the shoulders. When Claire Stoneman found Freddy and brought him home, she had prepared herself to take care of a big dog, and that was precisely what she got.

Great Danes are never small, and Stone man knew that quite alright, but no one expected Freddy to get this big. The dog surpassed everybody’s expectations. Freddy is bigger than any other do on the face of the earth and has been officially assigned that status by the Guinness World Records as the biggest dog in the world.

The dog, Freddy weighs an astounding 200 pounds and at 7-feet is more than two feet taller than his owner if he stands on his hind legs. Freddy might be taller than Stoneman, but she has nothing short of deep love for her oversized pooch. Claire says she can’t imagine her life without her adorable pooch.

Freddy isn’t Stoneman’s only dog. He has a sister named Fleur and Stoneman treats them both as her beloved kids. She treats them very kind with a consistent supply of their favorite snacks which are roasted chickens and a peanut butter toast.

She spends a whopping $15,000 every year on taking care of her dogs, which is understandable given Freddy’s size. And we’ve not even started talking about the 23 sofas which the dog feasted on when he was just a puppy.

According to Stoneman, she would come home from work and find a sea of foam all across the floor in her sitting room. And she always knew who was behind the carnage. But Freddy loved her all the same, and she can’t imagine her life without him.

However, Stoneman can now breathe a sigh of relief as her dog is no longer interested in tearing up sofas. Instead, she spends her time napping on them.

Asides the fact that Claire has to spend a whopping sum of money on ensuring that her dog gets fed, she also has to adjust her daily schedule and sacrifice some sleep to ensure that Freddy gets his daily 40-minutes’ walk. This is because Freddy cannot be walked at a regular hour like the other dogs as his intimidating height scares other dogs and a walk in the park will be awkward and put Freddy on the spot and cause.

It’s not every day you see a 200 pounds’ dog strolling in the park.

Because of this Freddy and Claire only take their walk in the early hours of the morning before daylight. Freddy is now the proud holder of a Guinness world record and now basks in his glory.

If you like to learn more about how this big Dog spends his day and all the loads of fun he has with the rest of his family, you can check out his Facebook page to learn more about Freddy.

Shelter Workers Are Left Fuming After Man Returns Old Dog And Mumbles His Excuse

Shelter Workers Are Left Fuming After Man Returns Old Dog And Mumbles His Excuse

As we age, we get weaker and we can’t do things that we can without much of an effort compared to how we do when we were younger. This is the same with animals. As owners, it is our obligation to care and love them despite the fact that they are not able to protect us any longer, despite the fact that they are not as quick or as clever as they were.

This is the best opportunity for us to give back and let them feel cherished in the last years of their lives. This is the reason why when an elderly man brought an old puppy back in the shelter, this left the workers in outrage, frustrated at his reasons.

One of the employees at the Los Angeles Animal Services North Central Facility located in California was very angry when an older man brought a sweet and very loyal dog named Canela, to the shelter. The owner and the dog grew together but he decided that it is time for him to let the dog go. What upset her most is what the old man said:

“She doesn’t do nothing no more.”

Laura Garrick was recording the man who was surrendering his dog at the shelter. He was telling everyone how great Canela is. He admitted that he also got Canela from the shelter 13 years ago and thinks that Canela is already 18 years old. However, the workers politely told him that they didn’t think that she’s 18. Still, the man insisted that she can’t “get-up-and-go” like how she used to when she was younger.

The workers found out that he wanted to give her up not because he cannot afford to care for anymore, nor he can physically meet her needs. He said that he was bringing her back because she was just lying around all the time even though she was a wonderful companion to him. He had decided that he can’t handle her anymore.

He was just sitting there, petting her while saying, “…but she doesn’t do nothing no more — she doesn’t chase the cats. ”

Laura noted that the dog seemed scared at that time. She feels that something was wrong and the dog seems to have sensed it. Canela was tucking her tail between her legs while she was shaking with fear.

Still, the man turned away and left Canela with them who are strangers for her. He walked out of the door without thinking about it, leaving the dog who has been a part of his life for 13 long years.

Laura and the other workers still can’t believe what was happening. She thought, “Thirteen-year-old senior, spayed and so pretty…”

Laura shared the video online, it touched the hearts of so many people, feeling sorry for the poor dog. Laura updated later on saying that Canela had been picked up by the Leave No Paws Behind. This is an organization that rescue dogs, especially the seniors, and also other animals that have medical needs. They bring this animal to foster families until they are adopted or until they pass away.

Canela is pleased to live her final days with her new foster family. It was indeed a wonderful news, but only if her previous owner was kind enough to be with her for a little bit more, Canela would have had been much happier.

Woman Organized BBQ While Her 5 Dogs Were Starving In The Garden

In Long Island, New York, animal rescuers were shocked while a family were spotted to be holding a barbecue party amongst canine corpses.

Those who survived were barely breathing, as they have been starved and were extremely thirsty to boot.

The owner of the dogs, 35-year-old Veleda Bailey, told them that she had ran out of dog food, which is why her dogs are in a starved state – can you believe that?

Image Credit: N/A

One dog was found dead while it was tied to a tree. The other four had to be rescued and medically treated ASAP.

Bailey was slapped with a animal abuse charge handled to her by the Suffolk County SPCA.

Image Credit: N/A

The dogs just wanted a loving, secure home full of affection and food – but Bailey kept them simply to guard her home.

Image Credit: N/A

The four surviving pooches were taken to a nearby veterinarian to be treated and fed.

Meanwhile, Bailey has yet to face the true consequences of her crime.

Image Credit: N/A

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As Soon As She Saw Hidden Footage Her Fiancé With Her Dog, She Called Of The Wedding And Ran

As Soon As She Saw Hidden Footage Her Fiancé With Her Dog, She Called Of The Wedding And Ran

Before saying YES on your wedding day, you want to make sure that you know everything about your fiance. Sometimes brides-to-be think that everything is going fine with their lives until they discover something that makes them call off the wedding. This is what happened to a woman from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. No third party is involved, it is something that she discovered about her fiance.

Ninna Mandin, a 26-year-old woman was more than ready to be wed. However, things did a 360-turn when she discovered something shocking about her fiance. Ninna installed a security camera in her home and she caught her fiance brutally abusing her dog. She suspected that something wasn’t right when she started to notice that her French bulldogs have bruises all over their bodies. She did not have a clue what causes this, Ninna also noticed that her pooches are starting to get scared of her fiance.

She said, “They became really scared of him. After that, the wounds started to appear and the vet couldn’t explain where they were coming from. That’s when I decided to install a camera in the living room. ”

One day, Ninna reviewed the footage from the security cameras and she was shocked by what she saw. Her beloved fiance is purposely hitting and kicking one of her bulldogs that is obviously a sign of abuse. She shared that instantly, her love for this man vanished after she saw what happened. She said, “I’m not even thinking about the wedding. My pain is seeing what the dogs suffered.”

She thought of him as a very affectionate person not only towards her but also to her family, and even her dogs. She realized that it was all for show. As soon as Ninna is out of the house, her fiance’s true attitude towards these pups surfaces and she was disgusted by this.

She said that it was a shock because sometimes we think that we know people but really, we don’t. She shared, “But now, I want justice before the law. ”

Ninna immediately called off the wedding.

She can hardly believe that the man that she loved with all her heart is capable of doing such abuse to these animals that she loves. This is definitely animal cruelty. Ninna is just glad that she found out all about his attitude towards animals before it was too late. Ninna decided to post the footage on the internet to expose her ex-boyfriend to the whole world.

She also organized an online petition that he should be rightfully charged for animal cruelty. Ninna’s story went viral instantly and she gained over 30,000 people to join the petition. The police got involved, they investigated this report but their findings were not made public.

Animal cruelty has always been a problem by so many people, no matter where you are from. Ninna is lucky that she discovered her ex-fiance’ true personality before they became husband and wife. Animals deserve love and respect. They are very loyal to their human families and it is just right that we return the favor.

Most of these pooches are already part of our families and if one of our loved ones or if in case we know someone who is cruel to animals, do something to make it right. It is never too late to help our furry friends.

Rescuers Spot Dog Pawing At His Head And See A Huge Open Wound

He had a gaping wound on his head. He was only a puppy and yet his instincts told him to find a quiet place to hid in so he could die there.

While he was hiding in the old building in India, he tried to use his paw to make the terrible pain from his wound to stop throbbing.

Amazingly, the kind people from Animal Aid Unlimited found him.

They scooped up the puppy and took him in. He was dehydrated, thin, and had maggots in his head wound.

He was the model patient for them and never once complained about his treatments.

It was as if he had regained some hope when they found him and took him in.

The people from Animal Aid do amazing work!

Watch the dramatic transformation video below!

I just love the happy music they play at the end! This is incredible, isn’t it?

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Poor Dog Found Wandering The Streets Covered In Thick Tar

Tar is a naturally occurring substance that oozes from the ground.

According to Wikipedia, you can make tar by heating up coal, petroleum, wood, or peat in a special apparatus.

The uses for tar include making sails waterproof, sealing roofing shingles, tar paper can seal the hulls of boats, and wood tar is used to make the exterior walls of log building more durable.

Now, one look at the picture of the dog covered in tar and you may gasp in horror.

dog in tar
Image Credit: Myriam Ortellado

Before we start – no one is quite sure how the poor dog ended up covered from head to toe in tar.

The important thing is that the dog, Petro, was found by two young men in Lanus, Argentina.

dog in tar
Image Credit: Myriam Ortellado

The men got help from a police officer and took the dog to a vet clinic for help.

dog in tar
Image Credit: Myriam Ortellado

Some volunteers from Zoonosis Lanus, an animal rescue group, were asked to come help.

dog in tar
Image Credit: Myriam Ortellado
As we mentioned before, tar is used to make things waterproof – so it was no easy task getting the tar off Petro.

It took five long hours to get the thick black tar off, but no one gave up!

dog in tar
Image Credit: Myriam Ortellado

Slowly, but surely, the tar came off and Petro was once again is old self!

dog in tar
Image Credit: Myriam Ortellado

Well, almost, he still has some stains from the tar, but he is so much happier!

dog in tar
Image Credit: Myriam Ortellado

Myriam Otellado, one of Petro’s rescuers, said that Petro has a very sweet personality, despite all he went through!

dog in tar
Image Credit: Myriam Ortellado

Let us hope that Petro finds a loving home soon!

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Senior Dog Who Fell Through An Icy Pond Gets Rescued By Brave Firefighters

Boo, a 13-year-old dog, found himself in a very precarious place. Boo had walked out onto an icy pond and fell through!

He struggled in the freezing water and managed to yelp out for help.

The brave men and women from a fire department in Delaware were able to pull him to safety.

Boo was taken to the vet and was given a clean bill of health.

His family will now be sure to keep an extra eye out for Boo when they go walking near the pond again.

We all know that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – but I have a suspicion that Boo is going to remember what happened that day and won’t wander out onto the pond anytime soon!

You can watch Boo’s dramatic rescue in the video below!

Take a look at this video

You can’t help but cheer when they reached into the cold water and pull Boo out!

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Man Painted Dog Blue And Forced Her To Drink Solvent Before Stabbing Her

In a horrifying act of cruelty, a terrier dog was tortured and killed by a heartless man, with photos of the event shocking the Internet after they were posted online by an unknown man.

Named Muneca, this poor dog, whose name means “doll”, was discovered in a warehouse in Morelia, Michoacan – an agricultural area in Western Mexcio known for its severe violence against animals.

The pup later passed away while under the care of a vet.

Photos of the event were posted on social media by a user known as Carlos Manuel Jimenez, though no one can be certain if this is indeed his real name.

The post showed the poor, suffering dog being painted blue, and then forced to drink a solvent and paint that would have likely caused poisoning.

The pup was then stabbed with an ice pick. She was then dumped in the warehouse where she was later found.

Take a look at this pup

dog painted blue
Image Credit: N/A

The sociopath must be stopped, and many have raised concerns that if he so easily hurts animals, he may not be opposed to harming humans.

Rest in peace, Muneca. You deserved much better.