Man Caught Swinging Small Dog By The Leash Before Slamming It On The Floor

This cruel man is actually swinging the dog by the leash – up in the air, and then the dog was slammed down onto the floor.

This occurred in Viera, Florida and the man has been arrested.

The suspect’s name is Joseph Pendergrass, 19, he was seen on surveillance camera abusing the dog on Sunday.

The dog was a Shih Tzu that was named Lily. Sheriff Wayne Ivey from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said that this was the most despicable act of cruelty he has seen.

Pendergrass worked at the Barkingham Palace, and the dog belonged to the owners of the facility.

Lily was dragged by the leash, flung into the air twice and slammed against the concrete floor.

a look at this video

She was then kicked before being dragged out of view of the camera.

She suffered a broken leg but is expected to recover.

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Man Stitches Puppy’s Mouth Shut With A Cord And Brags About It Online

Hank was a puppy who belonged to Sheela Deskins. Sheela loved Hank very much but things soon turn ugly.

Sheela’s boyfriend, Matt McMichael, disliked Hank as he thought that Hank was barking excessively.

Both Matt and Sheela live in Eugene, Oregon.

Matt had decided to cease Hank’s barking once and for all. He decided to tie a plastic cord which was commonly used in shopping malls, around Hank’s muzzle.

Unfortunately for Matt, the photo of Hank quickly went viral and sparked outrage among netizens worldwide.

Matt later noticed the outrage that his photo had caused so he deleted his account.

Sadly, Matt did not face any charges due to his actions.

Look at this horrid image:

Image Credit: yousignanimals

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Man Sets Free Chained Horse But Has No Clue He’s About To Get The Thank You Of His Life

Man Sets Free Chained Horse But Has No Clue He’s About To Get The Thank You Of His Life

Bond by chains and not been able to move freely, a wild horse was in intense need of some attention and affection. This horse seemed to have been chained on purpose, which has become a common risk factor for horses living in Romania. The animal was tied up in a very uncomfortable position and could hardly even move.

Asides the fact that the wild horse was bond in a very uncomfortable position, the metal of the chain it was bound with was also irritating his skin in a terrible way. Luckily a veterinarian who was going about his business in rural Romania from four paws drove by just in time to find this horse in such a terrible position.

He was uncomfortable with how he met the horse and decided to do something about it. the veterinarian, Ovidiu Rosu who worked Four Paws an organization founded in Austria in 1988, as an animal welfare charity operating worldwide swooped in immediately to save the poor animal who once roamed the wild freely.

Horses both wild and the domestic ones are very gorgeous creatures that are known for their majestic beauty, gait and impressive speed. But sadly, many horses in Romania are not free to run as fast as they would like. wild horses are always bursting with great energy when allowed to run wild, but chaining them up this way is the way their character is gradually altered.

The horse’s freedom had been taken away until Vet Rosu came along to rescue it. At first, the horse tried to get away but couldn’t because of its chains, then it had no other choice than to patiently wait for the veterinarian gets to him. As soon as he brought his equipment to loosen the chains, he noticed something was wrong.

Beneath the chains, the horse’s skin was hurt just as he has guessed, because these chains can be very painful, and they often cut into the horses’ skin. But on the good side, since the horse has not been bond for a long period of time, the care that the Veterinarian gave the horse would help him get better on time.

Asides cooperating with the vet while he tried to free him up, the animal also showed his appreciation in a very incredible way. The grateful horse’s reaction is so touching, you should see it yourself. Seeing the dramatic change in the horse’s behavior as a result of the time it has spent chained up really had an effect on the vet.

This horse from the Danube Delta was so excited to be free. It is really heartbreaking to think that there are so many other horses out there that will still go through this kind of pain. It makes you want to just do something help them.

Organizations like Four paws are already taking part in efforts to help this unkind treatment of the animals. The group operates worldwide and is most prominently present in the USA, Australia and the countries in the European continent.

Asides saving the horses, four paws also run sanctuaries for rescued circus bears and captive lions. One of its aims is to improve the lives of animals across the globe. Its ultimate goal is to create a world in which all creatures are respected and understood.

Tiny Teacup Poodle Is An “Angel” In Disguise To Nursing Home Residents

More and more we are seeing that dogs (and some cats) are being used as therapy dogs in hospitals and nursing homes.

Why? Because animals can bring comfort to those who are living in pain or are in the hospital.

Besides, most dogs love attention anyway, and the people they visit are willing to shower them with love!

Nala, a teacup poodle, lives in Minnesota and goes to work every day with her owner Doug Dawson. Dawson works at Lyngblomsten nursing home.

While Dawson does his work – Nala does hers. Nala is not a trained therapy dog – but, she doesn’t let that stop her from dispensing some of her own therapy!

Watch the video and see Nala in action.

Take a look at this video

Who wouldn’t smile to see this little dog jump on their lap and cuddle?

It won’t take you long to realize why the residents describe this little dog as an ‘angel.’

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14-Month-Old Lioness Cruelly Declawed In Zoo To Attract Visitors To Play With Her

A Gaza zoo has gone to extreme measures in order to encourage locals to visit the struggling business.

A young lioness was declawed with the intention of having visitors play with the 14-month-old cub. Animal activists around the world are outraged with this decision.

The act of removing a lion’s claws has been compared to cutting off a human finger up until the knuckle.

The Rafah Zoo is located in the southern portion of the Gaza Strip near the border with Egypt.

In a desperate attempt to generate business, the owner of the zoo decided to make their 14-month-old lioness more safe for human contact.

Gaza zoo declaws lion so visitors can play with it (GRAPHIC PHOTOS, VIDEO) — RT World News

Footage showing a 14-month-old lioness named Falestine being declawed in a Gaza zoo has sparked major outcry from animal rights organizations and lovers online, who have decried the practice as…

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The gruesome decision was carried out two weeks ago at the zoo.

While a procedure of this magnitude should take place in the proper facilities, the Rafah Zoo didn’t have enough funding to foot the bill.

Instead, the zoo owner decided to have the procedure performed in the dirty zoo.

The lioness was called Falestine after the country of Palestine in which Gaza resides.

Falestine was put to sleep with a tranquilizer and shrouded in a thick blanket. She was lifted onto a table to provide the veterinarian quicker access.

Fayez al-Haddad used a pair of shears to cut off the lioness’ claws. Although he took the time to sew up each wound, the entire procedure was inhumane and sloppy.

Unfortunately for Falestine, the procedure required more than one operation. She was put under once again on Tuesday so the veterinarian could finish the job.

It’s difficult to imagine the amount of pain caused by this procedure.

The 14-month-old lioness must have been completely confused after realizing that her paws were missing.

The Four Paws organization compares the procedure to the cutting of a human’s finger up until their knuckle.

The owner of the zoo doesn’t seem to be morally affected by the cruel decision.

It is clear that animal welfare is not high on the list of priorities for the Rafah Zoo. The zoo opened nearly two decades ago.

Despite having twenty-years of experience in zoo management, the decision to cut off a young lioness’ claws was still made.

This is a chilling and concerning issue that calls into question the treatment of other animals in the zoo.

Unfortunately, destruction and death aren’t unfamiliar faces at the Rafah Zoo.

The zoo had to close its doors in 2004 after an Israeli army operation bulldozed parts of the structure.

Before that incident, many animals lost their lives due to rockets that were being sent from Israel.

German Shepherd Found In The Snow With Her Leg Hacked Off, Teeth And Tail Removed

The dog’s leg was hacked off, her teeth were gone, and her tail had been removed.

The dog, named Spirit, was found by a Romanian rescuer and taken to the vet.

The International Aid of the Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA) reports that she is recovering.

In a horrific development, it appears that the poor dog was also sexually abused with a knife before being left to die in the snow.

The person responsible is being called the ‘Bucharest Butcher” and this evil, twisted person is still roaming the streets.

A Romanian rescuer, who feeds stray dogs in the neighborhood, found Spirit lying in the snow, hanging on to life.

TV presenter Anneka Svenska spoke to the woman who first spotted Spirit and believes that the poor dog was placed in plain sight to warn people about feeding stray animals.

If people were more responsible with their pets, there wouldn’t be stray animals.

When she is stronger, Spirit will be transported to Britain to start her new life.

Get well soon Spirit.

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Cruel Man Chains Dog To A Car And Drags Him To Death

Animal cruelty is sadly especially prominent within modern society – both dog and cat owners alike abuse their own pets, can you imagine?

One example is a dog owner in China, who drags his own dog via a long metal chain tied to his truck!

Mind you – the truck was driven by him while his dog tries its best to keep up with the vehicle’s speed.

Eventually, this act quickly wore the dog out, and it failed to stand on all fours.

It ended up getting dragged by the sheer force of the truck along the roads!

This spectacle horrified many onlookers, who tried to get the dog owner to stop his vehicle.

Image Credit: Daily Mail

Unfortunately, the dog was lifeless – it was too late for the poor pooch.

Image Credit: Daily Mail

The cruel owner however, was not charged or brought into custody since there are a lack of animal protection laws in China.

The world is so unfair to animals!

Image Credit: Daily Mail

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Homeless Dog Carries His Food Bowl Everywhere Hoping Someone Would Feed Him

One passage in Oliver Twist pulls at my heartstrings.

It was when Oliver is in the orphanage, and they have just finished eating.

Oliver is still hungry. So he takes his empty bowl up to the server and asks for more.

There is nothing more pitiful than a hungry child having to beg for food. Except perhaps a hungry animal in search of food.

While filming a segment to bring to light the need, homeless animals have the non-profit group called World Animal Awareness Society caught something that couldn’t have been planned.

They set out to capture what it is like to live as a homeless animal.

They wanted to show people how hard life is when an animal is forced to fend for itself on the streets.

Take a look at this video

The dog they saw did exemplify the message they were trying to send.

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Dog Can’t Catch His Breath While Crying At His Owner’s Gravestone

Have you ever heard of animals grieving for their lost family members?

Meet Wiley, a therapy wolf-dog who provides therapy and care through the ‘Warriors and Wolves’, a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder rehabilitation program.

The video was recorded by a woman who goes by the name ‘Sarah and the Wolves’ on YouTube and uploaded on 14 April back in 2013.

According to some users, Wiley is reverse sneezing, not grieving – or is he?

Click to catch Wiley in action below!

Ain’t he the sweetest companion?

Rest in peace, grandma.

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Poor Camels Forced To Move Excessive Loads Of Rocks In Cruel Weight-Lifting Contest

Camels are clearly delicate yet powerful creatures of the world. They can tolerate a lot of pressure right on top of their famous humps, too.

The reality is, however, that it’s horrible and unreasonable to make them have to exert themselves simply to give people nearby pleasure.

Pakistan has an annual competition that revolves around weightlifting and camels.

cruel camel contest

Travelers from all different corners of the globe head to Pakistan to join in on the competition as well. There are 20,000 plus guests in attendance at these events.

Qasim Hussain is the name of the person who took the number one prize for 2019. Hussain is a United Kingdom native. He owns a camel who is four years in age as well.

He got his spot as the result of putting 1.7 tons directly on the animal’s back.

cruel camel contestPeople who back animal rights causes are outraged at the moment. They have many objections that relate to the event.

Camels are given absolutely no option but to tolerate bags that consist of massive stones on their bodies. They place these bags of stones on the animals.

Once they’re through, the camels can’t even get up and move. This competition ignores the requirements of camels entirely. All it does is fixate on people and on vanity.

cruel camel contest

Team members weigh the designated stones in the presence of the persons who are involved in the competition. They place these stones on the camels as they recline.

The camels are held down with the help of ropes. Once that’s complete, they’re pushed into parading themselves and having to deal with the enormous stones.

Elisa Allen is the representative of an organization that’s called PETA. She believes that this competition needs to end as soon as possible.

cruel camel contest

She states that camels are intuitive creatures who do not deserve this awful treatment.