I’ve Seen Countless Of Commercials Through My Life And This Is The Only One I Cry Over

Families look forward to being with their loved ones over the holidays. Christmas is a day that is filled with love, laughter, kindness, and tradition.

One Christmas tradition is the release of holiday commercials. Some make us laugh while others make us cry.

The big companies are eager to make us believe in the magic of the season!

A French phone company known as Bouygues has put out an amazing commercial for the holidays. It quickly stole the hearts of viewers all over the country.

After you see it, you will want to grab your phone and get in contact with your parents to tell them how much you love them.

The song in the video is “Come and Get Your Love,” released in 1974 by Redbone.

The commercial starts off with a father and his toddler son. The father dances to the song, making the child smile and laugh.

It then moves on to show the pair together as a young child, a teenager, and an adult. In every scene, the father dances to the same catchy tune.

At the very end, we see the father, who is now much older, sitting with his wife by the Christmas tree.

He hears a ringing sound, which turns out to be a brand new phone wrapped under their tree.

When he pulls it out of the box, he sees that his son has passed his tradition of dancing down to his own family.

Viewers everywhere say that Bouygues nailed their Christmas ad this year.

It can be easy to forget that our parents are just one phone call away from us.

The commercial helped us all to remember that traditions do stick with us as we age.

Be sure to pass it on to others!

Man Exposes Gas Station Scam That Could Be Happening to You

In a viral video, one man noticed something strange at the CITGO gas pump. When he removed the nozzle and prepared to pump his gas, he thought he saw something strange.

He couldn’t believe it. The Illinois gas station was charging him before he even started pumping his gas. When other people started watching the video, it became clear that CITGO gas might be siphoning off millions of dollars from unexpected motorists every year with their alleged gas pump scam. But watch the video footage below to make a decision for yourself.

The bottom line is the man shows the gas pump just sitting on his car, but he is slowing being charged anyway! He very carefully shows that this is the pump, the hose is connected and everything.

He was at a CITGO gas station. Makes you stop and think. Tell me what you think!

Broadway Actor Writes An Open Letter To The Autistic Child Who Interrupted His Performance

Broadway actors must contribute an incredible amount of their time and energy to getting their performances down pat just right.

They train for years in some cases just to get one particular show that they are doing to go the way that they want it to.

It is an intense line of work to say the least, and a lot of those on Broadway take themselves very seriously.

At the same time, you just never know what is going to happen when you get up on stage.

Kelvin Moon Loh is a Broadway actor who was recently putting on a performance of the famous play “The King And I” when something unexpected happened.

Kelvin Moon Loh
Kelvin Moon Loh / Facebook

In the middle of the performance the actor was interrupted by the shouting of a member of the audience.

It turned out that the person shouting was a child, and it was not immediately clear what the nature of the disruption was all about.

It wasn’t until later that it was revealed that the child suffers from autism.

As the event was happening some members of the audience were visibly angry with what was going on.

Some members of the audience had spent as much as six-thousand dollars to see this show, and they did not appreciate that there was an interruption.

However, Kelvin Moon Loh had a bigger message for those who were angry as well as for anyone who suffers from autism who might want to see the show.

Loh sent a letter to the parents of the child as well as posted it out for the whole world to see.

What he wanted to say was that he was upset not at the outburst of the child, but at the reactions of those who attended the show.

He stated that he wanted to know when those who love theater so much had become so concerned with their own comfort while watching the show that they lost compassion for others.

It was a heartfelt letter that caused many to reconsider what their priorities were.

He went on to say that he felt compassion for the mother who was clearly trying to calm her child back down again and that he would happily redo the entire show or refund the ticket prices of those who were so upset with what had happened.

By and large, Loh was simply disgusted that so many had lost their sense of compassion for the situation.

Driver Stops To Grab This Elderly Man At A Bus Stop. Has No Idea He’s Being Filmed

It’s always heartwarming to see people helping others in need, but to see someone go above and beyond while on the job is very admirable. Surveillance cameras aboard a Milwaukee County Transit System bus caught the good deed in action, as bus driver Thaddaus Turner made a stop, then escorted a passenger from the bus and safely to the sidewalk. He wasn’t done, however.

The man, Gene Hubbard, is blind and, due to construction in the area, he couldn’t take his typical route across the street, because it was now blocked. Turner recognized the potentially dangerous situation and walked the man across the street safely.

Hubbard had been diagnosed with diabetes and went blind more than 20 years ago, but has a full-time job and commutes via public transportation. Despite being blind, he is able to live an independent lifestyle, and knows the maps, routes, and schedules that allow him to do so.

This construction, however, threw a wrench into the works, as Hubbard told Fox 6 Now: “If I don’t have a regular locating point to start from, I may as well be in the middle of the ocean.”

Turner noticed that Hubbard was worried about the construction and, without hesitation, stopped to get up from behind the wheel and get Hubbard on his path again.

Turner remarked: “I knew I had the traffic behind me stopped, because it’s only one-way through there. My concern was getting him across from the opposite direction.”

Hubbard, who has gotten a helping hand from many drivers, added: “I just can’t say enough about all the bus drivers.”

Among the many people who weighed in with comments on the YouTube video of the moment were those who believe this kind of gesture should happen more often. One person remarked: “Kindness… WE should all practice this daily, life is too short and you never know when you will need the help one day!!”

Others shared comments of praise and encouragement, such as: “Not all heroes wear capes” and “If everyone would only take the time to look around, there’s people in need of help everywhere. Be kind to one another and be blessed.”

Among those who shared comments on the story on social media were those who praised the man and his parents as well, including: “We need so much more of this in the world! So proud of this young man (and the other bus drivers too!). Parents raising decent humans, kudos to you too!”

Another commenter was moved to tears, sharing: “Well that sure brought a tear to my eye after seeing the driver’s kindness! So glad that we still have people helping people!”

One person shared their own personal perspective on the matter, writing: “I am a bus driver, and I do the same thing every day. There are only a few drivers that actually care for the customers.”

Another person explained how they’ve seen similar assistance in action, writing: “We have a vision impaired gentleman in our neighborhood and I have observed our city bus drivers helping him across the street at the stops to make sure he is safe.”

Passengers Strap Down Drunk Guy Covered In Blood After He Punches The Seat In Front

The last thing you want to have during a flight is an out of control passenger – right?

Flying is stressful enough without someone making it unpleasant with inappropriate behavior.

Well, the following video shows just that – a drunken passenger covered in blood (don’t worry, it was his own blood) but that doesn’t make it any less disturbing.

The video shows the man shouting and punching the seat in front of him – blood is all over his pants and shirt.

The whole time, the woman next to him just sits there! The video shows a nervous mother and child and then pans back to the disturbed man.

This time, several passengers have him restrained.

Take a look at this video

They managed to tie his hands together with a seat belt!

The Russian airline crew says they were unable to calm him down and had to restrain him.

He was arrested on the tarmac when the plane landed.

Share away, people.

When I Saw My Neighbor’s Trick For Shoveling Snow, I Knew I’d Never Do It The Same Way Again

When I Saw My Neighbor’s Trick For Shoveling Snow, I Knew I’d Never Do It The Same Way Again

With winter weather battered much of the United States already, people are gearing up to keep their driveways and sidewalks clear of snow. I have yet to meet someone who loves shoveling snow. Unless they’re a child out of school for a snow day or an avid skier or snowboarder, the snow causes a lot more strife than enjoyment. That’s why I’m always on the hunt for better tricks to shovel snow so I can spend less time breaking my back and more time with my family enjoying a hot drink.

If you’re ready to save time and stop breaking your back this winter as you shovel snow, you’re going to want to review this article closely. Bookmark the page or print it out, so you have it on record when it comes time to shovel snow again this winter.

YouTuber L. Kanavaros was the man who created the video to show his trick for easier snow shoveling. And as I watched this man from Western Massachusetts, where snowfall is as common as eggnog around Christmas time, I knew he was sharing a trick that people around the country could learn from.

Not only does the YouTuber want to remove snow quickly he wants to do it without throwing out his back. And if you’ve shoveled snow, you know how painful it can be on your back the next day or even just a few hours later.

Unless your child happens to be one of the student-athletes on the football team, you’re probably the one stuck with snow shoveling duty come wintertime. And while that might not be fair, you have to clear out your driveway so you can get your car to work and earn money to keep food on the table and heat in your home.

The YouTuber from Western Massachusetts has a simple trick to make things easier. He simply ties a sturdy rope to the handle of his snow shovel. He keeps it tied right under the handle, so it ends right above the base. You’ll want to tie your rope so it is a bit loose because it will provide more give, which makes the task easier as you go about shoveling this winter. It’s easier because it gives you more slack to get a good grip on the shovel. You can turn your snow shovel into this contraption so easily. All you need is your shovel and a sturdy string that you can buy at your local hardware store.

So how does this snow shoveling trick work? Well, it turns your shovel into a pulley system, which helps spread out the weight of the snow, so it’s not so hard on your back. By adding the rope for a second grip, it elevates this snow shovel into a class all its own.

Watch the video for the visual demonstration. You’ll watch the YouTuber using his contraption to pivot easily and throw snow to the side without the effort you’re used to.

Will you give this a shot this winter?


Angry Husband Fills Wife’s Car With Cement After Changing Her Last Name For A Supermarket Promotion(VIDEO)

Apparently, the newest form of revenge involves filling cars with cement. Don’t ask me, I didn’t come up with this.

When an unnamed woman in St. Petersburg, Russia, changed her last name to the name of the supermarket chain she works for, her husband was understandably less than thrilled.

She had done so due to a promotion at the store, where people could change their names to the store’s in exchange for $875/month for as long as they kept it.

The couple was experiencing a rough patch in their marriage, so her husband took this very badly.

He decided to get revenge on her for her actions by hiring a cement truck driver to pour cement into her car, which she took very good care of, through an open window.

He seemed quite thrilled with the result as the car was filled to the windows with the mixture, and he even filmed the act as it played out!

Take a look at this video

It’s definitely a bit of an extreme reaction, but the video has since gone viral, and opinions are mixed as to whether he should go to jail or be commended!

Share away, people.

Farmer’s Message In Snow Offends Certain People But He Refuses To Apologize

Farmer’s Message In Snow Offends Certain People But He Refuses To Apologize

Christmas is the best time to spread the love and joy everywhere we go. The digital world has taken over our lives and Christmas cards and greetings are now sent online. Still, others still take the classic option by sending cards and mail them to their loved ones. Even the kids share their lovely voices by singing Christmas carols and spreading the message of Christmas.

A group called Prunty Farms decided to do something different. The thought of a unique way to send their holiday cheers and joy to other people. One of the farmers hopped into his tractor when ten inches of snow covered their field. He started it off to begin on his Christmas mission!

Prunty Farms is a fifth generation family farm located in South Dakota. Their primary products are soybeans, corn, and alfalfa, but they also raise beef and cattle. The group wants to promote farming and agriculture and they even have a YouTube channel to spread fun and educational family-friendly videos. One of their most popular ones is their Christmas greeting through a snow art.

One of their farmers named Dan planned to imprint a message in the snow and this is his only chance!

He would not be able to go back and fix the snow to make it look fresh again because this would already be pushed down. Still, the other people from the Prunty Farms believed that Dan would be able to do it. As he started for the field, the others sent a camera to the sky to capture every moment for all the world to see.

Dan started to drive through the vast field while his partner films what he’s doing. Even though he would not be able to see his work, he has faith that the spirit of Christmas would guide him.

Dan plans to drive around the two acres of land while the drone films as this magical moment unfold. Nobody would be able to see the results until its done but everyone is hopeful. All they were praying for is that this would please the people in their community. However, it did more than just that.

Dan’s creation became a viral sensation!

This was filmed two years ago, but the video is still continuously being shared online. Here’s what the Prunty Farms has to say for their Christmas message:

“What do you get when you mix a Tractor, a Drone and 10″ of Snow? A TWO ACRE MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Hopefully, Santa will see it when he flies over on Christmas Eve!”

Those who have seen the video were amazed by what these farmers did. Christmas is the time for giving. But this does not mean that we can only give material things. Farmers are some of the most important people in our agriculture industry and sometimes, their voices are often forgotten. To be heard, they have learned to use their land to speak to the world.

Seeing an effort as huge as this makes us feel the real meaning of Christmas. Who would have thought that something as epic as this can be possible? This snow art became viral and the farmers were not only able to spread their Christmas greetings to the entire community, but also to the rest of the world!

Everyone In The Mall Stopped What They Were Doing When A Boy Challenged The Statue To A Dance Off

Everyone In The Mall Stopped What They Were Doing When A Boy Challenged The Statue To A Dance Off

Dance-offs are usually the stuff of movies, but once in a while, a real-life dance duel breaks out. This example happened to break out at a mall and involved a teenager… and a very unlikely competitor. YouTuber Noster, aka Noah Kenaley, faced off with a human statue. If you’re unfamiliar with the human statue concept, it’s an art form in which a person commits to impersonating a statue.

The patrons at this shopping mall were in for a treat when Noster and one of The Millennium Robots decided to throw down and see who was the better dancer.

Noster uploaded the video to YouTube in which he and The Millenium Robot member Eclypse begin dancing to a Skrillex remix. Noster steps back and the challenge is underway, as the teen mimicks the human statue’s robotic performance.

Things take off from there as a crowd gathers to watch.

The two start slowly but build on their moves as the dance-off progresses. After the statue has shaken off his creaky moves, he breaks out in perfect rhythm to the beat. Eclypse, despite being robotic, can move so fast and smoothly, all while atop his platform – it’s remarkable, really.

But who won the battle? Both of the YouTubers turned out to be big winners in the viral video game, as millions have viewed this video and both Noster and The Millennium Robots’s channels have even more dance battle videos.

In another video, Noster and Eclypse dance to another Skirllex remix in a busy shopping area. Again, viewers were won over by the dubstep dance battle.

Other videos on Millenium Robot’s channel include a dance routine to a song by DJ Snake and Lil Jon, which features two statues in a dance off against each other in front of a movie theater.

There are also tons of other dance battle videos out there, such as a 10-minute compilation called “Craziest Dance Battle Rounds of 2K18.”

If you’re looking to catch one of these battles in person, one will be coming to Phoenix, Arizona at the World Hip Hop Dance Competition held in August 2019.

Among the many comments left on this dance-battle video were those who believed that Noster did a good job, but the human statue bested him.

One person commented: “Dude, you have skills but you got schooled. Keep at it though. Dance for the love just like I do. It’s the best way.”

Other comments included: “Eclypse won! He had way more control and was only able to dance in one place” and “both were good, but silver man killed him standing in one spot.”

Noster hopped on to the comments to shared: “for everyone who is just seeing the video and commenting on how we both did please go look at both our channels because both me and Eclypse have improved greatly! Also check out our performances together!”

Another commenter believed that Eclypse was tough competition, but offered this encouragement: “Noster, keep working kid you’re awesome but eEclypse’s level of moves is serious business, keep working at it man.”

Police Issue Warning: If Someone Flashes Their High Beams At You, Drive Away Quickly

Police Issue Warning: If Someone Flashes Their High Beams At You, Drive Away Quickly

Over the weekend, I was talking to my wife about seat belts. Sometimes people don’t like to wear them when they’re sitting in the back seat. But I prefer when people do. My reason? While I may be a decent driver, I cannot protect the passengers in my car from other people on the road who might be texting while driving or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Seat belts might not be perfect, but they certainly do help save lives. Buckle up, even when you’re in the back seat, and you’re increasing your chances of surviving a crash.

When it comes to other people on the road, we really don’t know who we’re dealing with. And now police have come forward to issue a terrifying warning. It comes after a victim in Rock Hill, South Carolina found herself in a terrible situation. Two men drove right in front of her and blasted their high beams at her. That’s when all hell broke loose.

The high beams blinded the woman. And the men left their car and started to pry her door open. Thankfully, the would-be victim was able to drive off and get to safety. But she was left horrified about what could have happened.

Because the woman is still afraid for her life, she wanted to share her message, but she didn’t want her identity to be known. A friend spoke to NBC Charlotte on her behalf.

“Someone turned on their high beams, and she looked up, and she can’t really see anything. She asked her identity to remain protected for her safety.”

The woman suspects that the would-be assailants are still on the lookout for her.

“And then of a sudden, she heard two men on both sides of her car, the passenger and the driver side. As she was pulling away, they were still trying to get in her car. They were wearing hoodies, and they had the hoodie part down past their eyes. Thankfully she locked her doors. It was just too close to home, and I wanted people to be aware.”

Thankfully the victim had her doors locked. If she had forgotten this simple safety trick, the men would have been in the car and all over her and her possessions. She still does not know if they were there for her car, her possessions, or something more valuable than all of that – her life.

“Who knows what would’ve happened if they had gotten her car and she didn’t lock the doors?” the friend said.

The woman did not call the police. But she told her friends about it and the Rock Hill South Carolina Police Department was horrified to hear this happened right under their nose.

They launched an investigation after the story went viral.

The police department learned that it was a real incident and shared the following update and warning to all Americans:

“Be careful in shopping areas not only at Christmas time but all year round. Her co-worker was the one who had this incident happen to her. I have spoken with the posting individual by phone, and we will get with Walmart and try to determine if we can identify the (assailant’s) car.”