These Bikers Stormed The Neighborhood Looking For A Bullied Teen Who Steps Out To Confront Them

These Bikers Stormed The Neighborhood Looking For A Bullied Teen Who Steps Out To Confront Them

One group of people who almost always seem to get stereotyped are bikers. Because they look tough and wear leather jackets and metal spikes, people have grown afraid of them. Just like pit bulls, bikers are not necessarily threatening people. More often than not, they are kind-hearted individuals who put out a gruff exterior when they face the world around them.

Like pit bulls, some bikers are aggressive. Some are part of gangs the commit violence. But the exception does not make the rule. In fact, many bikers are kind and open-hearted people once you get to know them.

In 2017, a Minnesota family learned the truth about a gang of bikers after they stormed into a residential neighborhood atop their hogs.

Tracy had reported that her son, who was in middle school, had become a victim of bullying. His classmates and peers had started name-calling and verbally abusing him. But soon their acts of aggression escalated and the bullies started physical assaulting Tracy’s son Zane.

The boy had been punched and pushed around. The bullies also wrote slurs and profanity on Zane with permanent markers, further shaming him in school.

The bullying became nightmarish that Tracy had no one to turn to. In a last-ditch effort, she reached out to random people online. She shared Zane’s story and prayed that someone would be able to do something to help the victimized boy.

Suddenly, a group of leather-clad, tough-looking bikers rode onto Zane’s street in Minnesota. There were a lot of bikers, all looking rather viscous. Because he had been the victim of so much abuse from bullies, Zane was worried. He hid inside his home until the gang pulled on in front of his house and called for him to come out.

He obeyed. Zane opened the door and stepped onto the front porch. He looked at the male and female bikers. And he decided, at that moment, that he was not going to be afraid anymore. He decided to face them.

Zane learned that the bikers were members of “Syd’s Angels Bikers Against Bullies.” And they were not there to add to his victimization but to fight back against his tormentors and protect him.

The group leader and founder Greg Carson presented Zane with a t-shirt and a promise that he would always have someone if the bullying got worse. And then the group prayed with Zane.

After the prayer session, Zane hopped on one of the bikes and rode through town, showing everyone that Zane had protection now.

His bullies got the message.

The biker group started after a 15-year-old named Sydney was bullied.

Carson said, “We wanted to help.”

And ever since they have been protecting children like Syd and Zane.

“Today is just the beginning, “Garson told Zane. “We love you. We don’t even know you, but we love you.”

When Tracy, Zane’s mom, heard the bikers, she could not help but tear up. She was glad her son had support.

What do you think about this group of bikers against bullies?

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Little Girl Admits She’s Been Talking To A Man Before School. Mom Is Stunned After Meeting Him

Little Girl Admits She’s Been Talking To A Man Before School. Mom Is Stunned After Meeting Him

Many middle school-age children don’t want their parents dropping them off right in front of the school. Because they want to seem independent and separate from their parents, kids around middle school age often don’t want their peers seeing them getting a kiss or hug from their parents. But when middle school student Audrey from California did not get dropped off down the block from school one day, she was angry at her mom – but not because she hated being seen with her.

Audrey wanted to meet a strange man before school. It was a guy who had been talking to her for some time now. Her mom wanted to know why her daughter was so angry about it. The middle schooler said that she loved talking to the “cute little old man” before classes started.

That was enough to terrify Audrey’s mother. Who was the strange man approaching her daughter before school? What were his intentions? She decided to do some digging. She drove over to where the man was hiding and immediately her heart burst. The man was not trying to cause any harm to her daughter. He was a harmless, and kindhearted 94-year-old United States Navy veteran.

The veteran’s name is Wally Richardson. He served in the Navy, but the students at Marina Village Middle School know him as “Mr. Knuckles.” And the decorated veteran is okay with the foolish name.

Wally loves children. They remind him why he served in the military in the first place. He loves seeing how full of life they are and how they have dreams and aspirations. So he gets up early so he can spend a few minutes with the inspiring children before they start school. But first, he eats a hearty breakfast and does some movement exercises – things he learned to do every day while in the Navy.

With his routine finished, he goes over to the middle school so he can greet the children in the morning. He gives the children handshakes and a big smile. He also offers advice and wisdom to the young souls.

The children then go into class with a boost of energy from the Navy veteran. And he gets to go back home and enjoy the rest of his day knowing that he did something good first thing in the morning. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

This routine is nothing new for the 94-year-old veteran. Wally has welcomed the students at the middle school almost every day for the last ten years. He’s a regular person there in the mornings. And he helps the children prepare for learning without expecting anything in return.

Students all seem to agree: the morning routine with Wally is a highlight of their day. Because they get to meet an honorable Navy veteran and hear his stories about life, they learn so much. And in the video below, you’ll get to see Wally in action and discover more about why he has such a positive impact on the children at the middle school.

What do you think about the service this veteran offers the children? Do you think they’re learning a lot from the 94-year-old?

Grandpa Rushed To The Hospital To Meet His New Grandbaby. Moments Later He Learns His Daughter Lied

Grandpa Rushed To The Hospital To Meet His New Grandbaby. Moments Later He Learns His Daughter Lied

A grandfather got a wild surprise when he went to the hospital to meet the newest member of the family. Landry James has been the only male in the family for quite some time, with two sisters, four daughters and two granddaughters. When one of his daughters, Carie Elbe, was pregnant, she had some life-changing news to share with her dad.

She didn’t tell him right away, however, holding on to the secret and finding the perfect time to share the news.

You see, Carie knew she was going to have a baby boy — so she kept that little detail a secret so she could deliver the surprise of a lifetime to her dad.

When the delivery day came, Carie’s family was on hand to celebrate. A video captured the moment her dad found out the gender reveal — and he couldn’t believe it!

The video starts with Grandpa Landry checking out the new baby, unaware that it’s not a little girl. Carie asks, “so what do you think of another baby girl?” He comments about the color of the baby’s hair and spends a moment appreciating this sweet new arrival.

Then Carie begins to pull away the blanket to reveal the big surprise: a t-shirt that says “FYI: I’m a boy!”

Grandpa Landry doesn’t immediately take notice, but finally gets clued in, as you hear him say “a what?”

He still seems unsure, as Carie waits for the gender reveal to finally register, and he wonders why the baby is wearing the shirt. Carie explains “because it’s a boy.”

His reaction? “No way.” He’s still totally stunned, as she says his name is “Landry James.”

Grandpa finally is on board, calling everyone “brats” jokingly, then laughing and smiling about the amazing news.

How Carie kept this secret her entire pregnancy is admirable, considering he wanted to know the gender, but she never tipped him off to this unexpected surprise nor did the other family members who knew the secret.

Best of all, the baby was born on Grandpa Landry’s birthday!

The Caters Clips YouTube video explains: “This is the adorable moment a grandpa finds out his newest grandchild is actually a boy, after several generations of being the only male in the family. Meeting his third grandchild for the first time in Breese, Illinois, USA, James Patrick is about to receive an unforgettable gift on the morning of his 49th birthday.”

The description further notes: “After having two sisters, four daughters and two granddaughters, James was resigned to being the only man in the family, after he had been told he was walking in to meet yet another girl, his third granddaughter.”

While many commenters weighed in with opinions on the YouTube video, one person explained why this was a big moment for the man: “He was excited for a boy after being the only male in the family for years. If the situation were reversed, and there were all boys, I’m sure he’d be excited for a girl. I’ve worked in labor & delivery for 34 years, and just because a parent expresses a desire for a specific gender, that doesn’t mean they don’t want a healthy baby of either gender, nor does that make them a bad parent. They still are happy and love their children. You’re allowed to be excited about something that’s extra special to you or your family, without detracting from everyone else.”

Brave Hero Jumped On a Grenade To Save His Fellow Marines, Are You Proud Of This Young Man?

You have probably heard his name before. He is a true American hero. His name is William Kyle Carpenter. He fought for this country as a United States Marine. At the age of 21, he earned the rank of Lance Corporal. In 2010, he was sent to fight in Afghanistan. During a firefight, Kyle saw a grenade land near where he and another Marine were fighting.

hero marine saves his fellows
Image Credit: N/A

Without a second, though, Kyle used his body as a shield and covered the grenade. He was willing to give his life to save the life of a fellow Marine.

hero marine saves his fellows
Image Credit: N/A

The human body was not designed to withstand that kind of explosive force and Kyle’s body had been severely damaged.

hero marine saves his fellows
Image Credit: N/A
Not only did he have shrapnel all over his body the bones in his skull and face were shattered. But, Kyle survived.
hero marine saves his fellows
Image Credit: N/A

Part of his jaw as lost, his lung collapsed, and he was even pronounced P.E.A. when he finally got to Camp Bastion.

hero marine saves his fellows
Image Credit: N/A

P.E.A. means patient expired on arrival. So, technically the enemy grenade did kill him – but he wasn’t done here on earth yet, and he came back.

He also got the Medal of Honor which was given to him by President Barack Obama.

hero marine saves his fellows
Image Credit: N/A

Today, Kyle is retired from the military and is working on getting his degree in International Studies from the University of South Carolina.

hero marine saves his fellows
Image Credit: N/A

In his spare time, he gives motivational speeches and charity work.

hero marine saves his fellows
Image Credit: N/A
They Stood In Formation, But As Soon As They Moved Their Feet The Crowd Went Wild

They Stood In Formation, But As Soon As They Moved Their Feet The Crowd Went Wild

Figure skating has been one of the most popular Winter Olympic sports ever since it was first added to the games back in 1924. It has been home to so many iconic moments throughout history, including Nancy Kerrigan’s silver medal, earned shortly after she was attacked in a bizarre incident involving fellow skater Tonya Harding. The story has now been immortalized as the controversial film I, Tonya, but it is just one of many iconic moments.

It is a beautiful art, a masterful display of body control, timing and creativity. Only the best make it to the top of this profession, and even they struggle and fall their fair share of times. It takes years of practice to land even some of the less complicated of moves.

While individual skating is impressive on it’s own, skating with another person adds an entire new level of complexity to the matter. Skating duos have been a big part of the sport for many years, as two people skate together in beautiful harmony to a soundtrack that compliments their complex motions perfectly.

Even the best duo skaters probably can’t imagine skating with more than two people on the ice, as it adds to the possibility of someone messing up exponentially. Synchronized skating is only undertaken by those who have a massive amount of skill and confidence.

The performance you’ll find below is from the 2015 World Synchronized Skating Championships. The event took place in Hamilton, Canada and featured the best of the best in synchronized skating from a multitude of countries.

8-20 skaters go out for each team, and the entire team moves as one movement, one heartbeat. They need to be perfectly in time with each other, otherwise disaster could occur.

Team Canada’s performance ended up taking the cake, winning top prize. You can see exactly why they did so well below – it’s an absolutely mind-blowing routine filled with dramatic moments and impeccable harmony.

It wasn’t set to soft, slow music though, but instead an exciting rock n’ roll soundtrack. The crowd went nuts, instantly falling in love with the team of skaters that continued to blow their minds for almost seven straight minutes.

The team scored a 71.06, netting them the win in dramatic fashion. The crowd went wild once more, clapping and celebrating for this talented group of young Canadian skaters.

“Great skating.. I just wish the crowd would have shut up for a while. All that screaming ruined the effect,” commented elsa55 on Youtube. “Scream support before and after, not during.”

Many other commenters agreed, but it was still a mind-blowing performance that you won’t forget any time soon. While it was a few years back now, the performance stands for itself.

With the Winter Olympics just having past, figure skating won’t be competed on the biggest stage for another 4 years. But if you are a fan of figure skating, there are plenty of events across the world to find online.

What do you think of Team Canada’s beautiful performance at the 2015 competition? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Doctor Sticks A Camera Down Man’s Ear, Removes 10 Years Worth Of Earwax

Something so gross you can’t look away. You want to – but you can’t! The video below is that very thing!

The man we are about to meet is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He has an earwax (also known as cerumen) problem – and that is putting it mildly!

doctor and ear
Image Credit: N/A

We are about to see just how much ear wax he has in that left ear! Prepare yourself, you may gag or feel queasy!

Because of the gross factor, the video has gone viral.

doctor and ear
Image Credit: N/A

hat this video teaches the rest of us is that it is imperative to clean your ears!

You can just see the nasty build-up under the shiny surface, watch as is comes out.

doctor and ear
Image Credit: N/A

The ball of wax was rather large. The man was under general anesthesia!

I don’t think anyone could stay still for something like this!

doctor and ear
Image Credit: N/A

Warning: the video may be disturbing to some viewers.

A buildup of earwax like this is called an impaction, and it can affect your hearing.

People who wear earplugs or hearing aids are more susceptible to impaction.

Symptoms of an impaction include a cough, dizziness, ringing in the affected ear, an odor coming from the affected ear or an ache in the affected ear.

According to, the safest way to remove earwax is to see your doctor.

Cotton swabs may just push the wax further down the ear canal. You can try some over the counter earwax softeners at home.

If they don’t work, see your doctor! Don’t be like this guy!

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Woman Gives Birth In Walmart Bathroom And Dumps Newborn Baby In Trash

Going to Walmart is often just a shopping trip. Other times, you give birth in the bathroom and leave your child in the trash. Yes, seriously.

This is exactly what happened at a Walmart in New Roads, LA.

The woman claimed her period was a little heavier than normal when she went into the retailer’s restroom.

An employee helped her by giving her extra paper towels.

Later, that same employee was horrified to find the woman’s lifeless baby girl in the trash.

The woman had left the store nearly four hours ago. The authorities were called, and the baby was taken to a local hospital.

She was given a temporary name, Olivia, and is expected to survive.

The mother has been identified as Kyandrea Thomas.

Take a look at this video

It is better that Olivia is not living with this woman.

Clearly, she is a heartless beast with no compassion for her child.

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2-Year-Old Girl Bitten By A Copperhead Snake At Her Daycare

Parents often do have to keep a lookout for their children in places such as playgrounds in case of accidents or injuries.

A child named Kiley Cook was bitten copperhead snake while playing at her school’s playground in Grandbury, Texas.

Thankfully, her mother, Nataly Horn was present when Kiley was bitten and was able to get medical help on time.

Kiley received immediate medical attention after flying to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.

The bite caused Kiley’s hand to swell but she has managed to recover fully.

As a side note to all parents and school teachers, you should check the playground or backyard before deeming that it is safe for the children.

Check out this video:

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