Incredible Animal Cruelty As Heartless Kids Drowned Dog In Glue Just For Fun


Glue can be used for many things. Depending on your needs, there are even different types of glue.

Sadly, some children in Istanbul, Turkey put glue on a dog.

To make matters worse, they then dragged the dog through the mud.

You can imagine how messy that would be.

So, as the glue dried it became more and more difficult for the dog to move.

Then the glue started to stop the flow of blood some of his body.

Luckily someone found him and took him to a shelter. He’Art of Rescue stepped.

The puppy named Pascal was so scared, he didn’t want anyone to come near him.

The kind people were able to get the glued fur off of his body – but found that one of his ears was necrotic (dying).

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