A Toddler Was Attacked With Acid In Public. When Police Saw Who Did It Their Jaws Hit The Floor

A Toddler Was Attacked With Acid In Public. When Police Saw Who Did It Their Jaws Hit The Floor

While out in public, a three-year-old was brutally attacked. The toddler was in a Home Bargains store where he had wandered off to play with his brother. They were having fun with the balls when the boys’ father rushed over and then splashed the toddler with sulfuric acid as a method to punish him. CCTV footage captured the entire incident and showed how the father brutally assaulted his own kin with the deadly acid.

Because the boy is only three, he cannot be identified for legal reasons. But it is known that the sulfuric acid left horrible burns on the boy’s arms and face and occurred while he was at the store in Worcester. The father, 40, has been charged with the acid attack, but he is not alone. Six others were also charged in the violent crime against the helpless toddler.

While at the trial at Worcester Crown Court, the jury learned how the toddler kept screaming, “I hurt!” over and over again after his father splashed sulfuric acid in his face for playing with the balls at the bargain store.

Jurors were not certain whether to believe the story because it was so bizarre. However, when they saw the CCTV footage, they could not help but admit that it must have happened. It is clear that the father was carrying the acid in a container which he threw into the boy’s face.

The attack happened while the boy and his brother were just looking at the soccer balls. His dad attacked him out of nowhere.

Prosecutors described how the father was outraged after his wife and the mother of the children left him. The mother took the children away from him in April 2016.

That’s when the furious father “enlisted others” to help him attack his own children so he could paint his ex-wife as an “unfit mother.” He hoped the acid attack against his son would convince the court to grant him more time with the children. He was trying to pretend the mother did it or that it happened while under her care.

While in court, the boy’s father held a tissue to his face while the CCTV footage played. He was embarrassed and shameful of what he did. However, he was not alone in his crime. And the boy was left with a large burn on his arm and a smaller burn on his forehead, which required specialized treatment to heal.

Along with the father, his team of attackers was also charged. They include, according to Daily Mail, Adam Cech, 27, Jan Dudi, 25, and Martina Badiova, 22, all of Birmingham; Norbert Pulko, 22, and Saied Hussini, 42, both of London; and Jabar Paktia, 42, of Wolverhampton. The entire group claims they were not involved in the acid attack against the toddler.

Cech has closely involved the attack. Prosecutors say the boy’s father contracted him to be the one to throw the acid in the boy’s face.

On camera, the acid attack happens quickly. Prosecutor Rees told jurors: “What you have just seen is that person in a white T-shirt – you can just catch the moment where the arm is extended. That really is the hub of this case. That is the acid attack. It is over in a split second. You have, in the shot, Mr. Cech – there’s no dispute of that – extending his arm, out towards the child. His mother was a short distance away as the attack is carried out, and the sister heard the victim scream out, ‘I hurt, I hurt, I hurt.’”

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A Lonely 70-Year-Old Woman Wan’t To Marry Again – Hilarious Story

A lonely 70-year-old widow decided that it was time to marry again. She put an ad in the local newspaper that read: “Husband wanted!

Must be in my age group, must not beat me, must not run around on me and must still be good in bed. All applicants please apply in person.” The following day, she heard the doorbell. Much to her dismay, she opened the door to see a gray-haired gentleman sitting in a wheelchair. He had no arms or legs.


“You’re not really asking me to consider you, are you?” the widow asked: “Just look at you — you have no legs!”
The old gent smiled: “Therefore, I cannot run around on you!”
“You don’t have any arms either!” she snorted.

Again, the old man smiled: “Therefore, I can never beat you!”
She raised an eyebrow and asked intently: “Are you still good in bed?”
The old man leaned back, beamed a big smile and said: “I rang the doorbell, didn’t I?”

‘My 15 Minutes Of Fame’: Woman Mocked For Falling Out Of Cart At Walmart Speaks Out

There’s plenty of memes out there on the internet that uses the photos and faces of people.

The question is, have we ever considered who the people are in these memes?

And on top of that, how their lives have been affected and changed by their so-called “15 minutes of fame”?

We use these photos with wild abandon, never once considering to acquire the explicit permission of the person in the photo.

That seems to be the nature of the internet – images spread like wildfire, and before you know it, your likeness has entered the public domain and there is no turning back.

As many people say, the internet never forgets.

Thankfully, some of the folks behind some of the most prolific memes within the last few years have gone on record to state that they are okay, even amused with their internet fame.

Some have even taken advantage of it, like the child behind the “Success Kid” meme who used his fame to crowdfund a GoFundMe campaign for his dad’s kidney transplant, which saved his dad’s life.

Unfortunately, not all meme photos are happy stories such as this one.

Jennifer Wilkinson is a woman whose photo of an unfortunate accident has now turned her into a viral meme.

What had happened was that six years ago she was at a grocery store with her husband.

While trying to reach out for a case for soda for her husband, she fell out of her Rascal scooter and the resulting image was snapped by a couple of nearby teenagers while she was in distress.

Her image quickly became a meme, and she became a laughing stock.

Now, this brave woman is coming out to share her side of her story and make a point about bullying.

Image Credit: N/A

Wilkinson was diagnosed at a young age with spondylolisthesis, a back condition where one of the bones in her spine is out of place.

Since the spine affects her posture, this means she has difficulty standing or walking. It even has affected her balance.

This was not a surprise diagnosis – according to Wilkinson, back conditions runs in her family, and she was diagnosed prior to any weight gain.

Nevertheless, a combination of severe depression and PTSD in conjunction with her preexisting condition led to her putting on weight to the extreme.

Image Credit: N/A

Used to being picked on for her appearance, she had disregarded the laughter and snide remarks made by the teenagers that day as they took her picture.

Six years between then and now has given her room for hindsight, and as she looks back on that day she calls it a low point in her life.

She points out how people seem to find disabled people acceptable targets to laugh at, and wants to remind the public at large to remember that they know nothing about those they are making fun of or the struggles they undergo.

Image Credit: N/A

Considering all that she has gone through then, she is showing great strength and in using her story to implore people to think twice about making fun of people.

Doctors Gave Her A Death Sentence But The “World’s Tiniest Girl” Keeps Defying All Odds

No one wants to think about possible birth defects or disabilities that may affect their children.

This is any couple’s worst nightmare and for this couple it unfortunately came true.

However, keep reading until the end, because their baby defied all the doctors’ expectations!

Emma and Scott had already had three healthy children, so they weren’t too worried while expecting their fourth.

The pregnancy was progressing normally and Emma’s belly was growing rapidly – just as expected. Their nightmare began when she went into labour a month before her due date.

The couple were worried but were expecting a premature baby that weighed slightly less than a normal, full term newborn.

Image Credit: Dr. Wolfgang Moroder – Wikimedia

When their daughter Charlotte was born, she weighed only two pounds and had a rare genetic condition, known as primordial dwarfism.

Image Credit: Emma Newman / Facebook

Primordial dwarfism is a condition with a very low survival rate.

Normally, newborns born with it suffer from undeveloped organs or other difficulties that make it very unlikely for them to survive.

Image Credit: Emma Newman / Facebook

It also means that they don’t grow much in size – most of them only get to a maximum of three feet tall, and the majority unfortunately pass away before they reach their teenage years.

Image Credit: Emma Newman / Facebook

The prognosis for Charlotte wasn’t good. She spent many of her first days in hospital and her parents were told that she would not live to be a year old.

Determined to make her life as lovely as possible, Emma and Scott embraced her with love and affection, and it made all the difference.

Image Credit: Emma Newman / Facebook

She was so small that her newborn clothes were all doll’s clothes and her diapers were so tiny they were difficult to handle.

Within the first weeks of her life, Charlotte’s parents weren’t even allowed to pick her up because she was so fragile and easy to break.

As she’s grown, Charlotte is still very careful about her health but she has surpassed all expectations.

Image Credit: Emma Newman / Facebook

The little girl still has many problems – she still uses a feeding tube – but she is having the time of her life.

Both her parents and her siblings testify that although small in stature, Charlotte has a big personality.

Most of her photos show her with a big smile on her face as she poses next to rabbits, milk bottles and ponies, all which look gigantic next to her.

Even at the age of five, she still wears toddler clothes – but her spirits are as high as ever.

Image Credit: Emma Newman / Facebook

The misfortune has also taught Emma and Scott to stop worrying about the future and enjoy the time they have with their daughter.

Of course, they worry about her and how fragile she is, but according to experts she is a one in a million case of her condition.

Her social skills are already improving and she is becoming more and more comfortable around others.

Image Credit: Emma Newman / Facebook

Above all, Charlotte’s story is a great tale of love and human resistance.

We hope she stays happy and healthy for many years to come – and we hope you share her inspirational story with friends and family!

Children Are Coming To School With 3rd Degree Burns After Trying The Latest Schoolyard Craze

Children Are Coming To School With 3rd Degree Burns After Trying The Latest Schoolyard Craze

Children and teens often stop at nothing to fit in with their peers. To them, it is almost as if it is a matter of life and death. And as the internet and social media becomes a more important part of young people’s lives, they start caring a lot about what people say about them online – and that includes being in with the cool crowd of people, and strangers, on the internet.

Every year, a new social media challenge seems to come about. These challenges force desperate people into dangerous situations so they can prove that they’re part of the cool crowd. It’s an unfortunate thing that children feel the need to push themselves and their bodies to painful lengths so they can get “likes” online or a pat on the back from someone who doesn’t really care about them.

That’s why this new schoolyard craze has parents horrified. Not only are young people engaging in it so they can fit in with their peers, but they’re also putting themselves in danger – all while causing severe bodily harm to their flesh and hands.

So what is the craze that has children going to the hospital and showing up to school with third-degree burns? It is a simple DIY craft with dangerous consequences. Children want to make home-made slime. Because children can find a bunch of recipes online with the simple search of “recipe for homemade slime,” they’re stumbling upon some directions that are very dangerous. Making slime has become so popular that some parents are even joining the trend and enabling the dangerous behavior by hosting “homemade slime” parties where children gather to make it themselves. But if it is done wrong or a dangerous recipe is chosen, children can burn themselves as they play.

Kathleen Quinn wants you to hear her story. She was making homemade slime at a sleepover when she suffered severe burns. She shared her story, and the news went viral.

Quinn is an eleven-year-old girl who lives in Rockland, Massachusetts. She used Elmer’s glue and Borax, which is often used to kill ants and other pests to make her slime. As she was rubbing the borax and glue over her skin, she started to feel a strange sensation. It was a tingling feeling all over her hands, and then it started to get very hot. But since the poison was glued onto her flesh, it was hard to get it off before it seared her skin with third-degree burns.

“She was crying in pain. ‘My hands hurt!’ And we looked at them, and they were covered in blisters.”

Quinn’s parents knew she was in danger. They rushed her to the emergency room where doctors quickly identified the cause. Quinn had suffered extended exposure of Borax to her skin because of the homemade slime.

James Dickerson, the chief scientific officer from Consumer Reports, told PEOPLE: “It’s (borax) a material that is known to be an irritant to the eyes and to the breathing passages and nasal cavities, respiratory tracts. And it can be an irritant to the skin.”

If your children want to make slime, make sure they use a safer recipe.

Chain-Smoking 2-Year-Old Whose Mother Buys Him Two Packs A Day To Stop His Tantrums

You would think that when it comes to one’s children, a mother’s first priority would be that of her child’s health.

In the case of the two-year-old Indonesian toddler Rapi Ananda Pamungkas, this is unfortunately not quite the case.

In fact, a video of this toddler has gone viral for the exact opposite reason.

In Indonesia – a country with one of the highest rates of smoking in the world– an estimated 9 percent of children under the age of 18 are considered regular smokers.

Among those numbers, Rapi may be the youngest to pick up the habit.

His tender age and subsequent feature in a viral video has created a huge backlash and outrage as a result.

Maryati, Rapi’s mother, claims that he started smoking when he picked up a lit cigarette butt he found on the floor near his mother’s stall in the market.

Upon inhaling the cigarette, he pronounced it delicious and from then on was apparently hooked.

He would go as far as to beg shoppers in the market for cigarettes and pick up salvageable ones off streets.

Smoking has well-documented ill effects – among the long list of health risks long-term smoking poses includes the increased risk of developing lung cancer, stroke, and coronary heart disease.

This is because smoking affects both the lungs and the blood circulation directly.

On top of all this, one has to take into account the addiction problems caused by nicotine dependency.

Unfortunately, Rapi clearly already has developed a smoking habit at such a young age and is known for smoking two packs a day.

His mother has stated that while she is concerned for her son’s health, she has a difficult time denying him his addiction due to his reaction.

Upon being told no, Rapi will throw tantrums, scream, cry, and pull out his hair.

Health officials have already expressed concern for the toddler’s developing health, especially in regards to possible brain damage.

It has gotten to the point that they have visited Maryati in person to urge her to take her son’s health more seriously and get him to go cold turkey.

However, his mother has protested that she is unable to keep a strict eye on her son’s addiction, claiming that the toddler will wander off on his own outside of her range of supervision while she is working in the marketplace.

She continued to explain that he will then find more cigarettes on the streets.

In spite of all the difficulties she must overcome, Maryati has claimed to have already taken steps to curb Rapi’s nicotine addiction.

She has gone on to say that she has already been successfully cut down his smoking and has redirected him to more age-appropriate activities such as playing with toys.

However, a recently posted online video suggests that this may not be the case.

Considering Rapi has developed a smoking habit at such a young age, it is terrifying to imagine just how this will affect his childhood development.

Hopefully, this boy will kick the habit as soon as possible with minimal permanent damage!

Teacher Battling Cancer Ran Out Of Sick Days, So School Employees Gave Him Theirs

Cancer is a disease that requires extensive life-saving treatment, and Robert Goodman knows that more than anything else.

He had spent a long time undergoing a mixture of surgery and chemotherapy for his stage 3 colon cancer, and he needed even more recovery time.

Robert works as a teacher at Palm Beach Gardens High School, South Florida, and he needed to take a 12-week leave of absence in order to go through his treatment and subsequent recovery.

But when he looked into it, he was short of 20 sick days and therefore couldn’t qualify for this leave from the school district.

Robert wasn’t sure what to do, so he decided to take a chance and put up a post on social media.

He was a little uneasy about asking for help this way, but if he didn’t get the sick days required, he would have to go back to work on the 6th of August and would not be able to apply for the leave he needed.

Alongside a selfie that he took in his hospital room, Robert posted the call for other teachers, asking if there were any who would be willing to transfer some of their own sick days to him.

He explained that he’d already used all of the 38 days he had left this year – the remainder from when he’d been sick a few years back and used up two weeks – and needed 20 more so he could recover after a 12-week battle through chemotherapy.

Image Credit: Robert Goodman / Facebook

He ended his post by telling them who they could email to donate their sick days to, and thanked everyone for providing him with support should they choose to help him out.

He wasn’t sure if anyone would be willing, but then he was overwhelmed by support and compassion from colleagues all around Palm Beach County!

Within four days, Robert had more than enough sick days to take his time off to recover!

It wasn’t just teachers who helped, either – lunchroom staff, classroom assistants, administrative staff, and all types of faculty members in the county came together in an outpouring of love and kindness.

Robert ended up with a spare 75 sick days collected in total, and he was so grateful – but surprisingly, not particularly shocked by the compassion of his colleagues.

Image Credit: Robert Goodman / Facebook

Robert said that he was shocked at how quickly it happened, but he’d seen how teachers were always happy to give and help others.

He himself had been a part of and witnessed the assistance provided to other teachers in the past, and he was happy that, for him, they stepped up, too.

Robert posted another picture with a new post shortly after to thank everyone for their sick days and even just for their kind, encouraging words.

In fact, he revealed that Channel 5 contacted him to run a story all about the incredible love and compassion that he’d been given.

It’s truly amazing and touching to see people banding together for a good cause, to provide for someone in need!

Check out this video:

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Mom Gives Birth To Quadruplets. Then The Nurse Gasps When She Notices Something Strange

Mom Gives Birth To Quadruplets. Then The Nurse Gasps When She Notices Something Strange

Multiple births can be risky. They put mom through a lot and the babies as well. But in 2015, Tim and Bethani Webb put their small Canadian town of 900 on the map for a one-in-a-million birth. Their town Hythe is in Alberta on the border of British Colombia. Although the couple wanted to wait some time to start a family, they just couldn’t stop themselves, and Bethani found out she was pregnant just three months after they tied the knot.

But after visiting the doctor, Bethani soon learned that her pregnancy was anything but ordinary. And when it was time to get the ultrasound, she saw that four little lives were growing within her. And at that knowledge, she swelled with love for the little ones yet to be born.

Being pregnant with four babies was very stressful for the Webbs. They needed to prepare their house for four new lives. That meant they had to buy a lot of diapers and other supplies. Besides the economic impact of having quadruplets, the Webbs also had to prepare themselves mentally. Bethani was just 22-years-old. She also had to put her health under a microscope. Now that she had four unborn babies relying on her, she needed more rest. She upgraded her diet and drank a lot of water. Everything she did was for the little one. And her community also helped out. Because the Webbs were adding four lives to the town of 900, they were jumping the population up somewhat dramatically. Neighbors and friends gave donations and launched fundraisers to help the young couple prepare for the babies.

When the time came, Bethani learned that the quadruplets were all girls. This was a blessing and a miracle. The odds that they were all the same sex was definitely against the young couple, but it was a dream come true for Bethani. She always wanted to be a mom of little girls.

Being pregnant with quadruplets is not easy. Bethani struggle to sleep – four pairs of feet kept kicking her at all hours of the night. She tried to eat enough food – but with four mouths to feed it was not easy. And she tried to keep herself healthy.

Eventually, her planned C-section date came. It was May 6, 2016. And it would prove to be a one-in-a-15-million day.

When all four babies were born, the doctors and nurses in the room could not believe what they saw. The quadruplets were identical. That’s something so rare you might as well go play the Powerball.

Now the new family is working hard to keep everyone happy.

“They’re all doing really well,” Bethani told TODAY Parents. “They’re all good.”

She also admitted how she struggles to tell the little ones apart.

“At this point, I’m not able to tell them apart,” Bethani said. “We’re going to paint their toenails and assign them each a color.”

Because they were small at birth, they would all share the same crib. That made things easier, but also harder to tell them apart.

“Right now, they’re all in one crib, which is nice. Before they were in their incubators, they were all separate, and they definitely had some separation anxiety.”

What do you think about these little ones?

Grandpa Rushed To The Hospital To Meet His New Grandbaby. Moments Later He Learns His Daughter Lied

Grandpa Rushed To The Hospital To Meet His New Grandbaby. Moments Later He Learns His Daughter Lied

A grandfather got a wild surprise when he went to the hospital to meet the newest member of the family. Landry James has been the only male in the family for quite some time, with two sisters, four daughters and two granddaughters. When one of his daughters, Carie Elbe, was pregnant, she had some life-changing news to share with her dad.

She didn’t tell him right away, however, holding on to the secret and finding the perfect time to share the news.

You see, Carie knew she was going to have a baby boy — so she kept that little detail a secret so she could deliver the surprise of a lifetime to her dad.

When the delivery day came, Carie’s family was on hand to celebrate. A video captured the moment her dad found out the gender reveal — and he couldn’t believe it!

The video starts with Grandpa Landry checking out the new baby, unaware that it’s not a little girl. Carie asks, “so what do you think of another baby girl?” He comments about the color of the baby’s hair and spends a moment appreciating this sweet new arrival.

Then Carie begins to pull away the blanket to reveal the big surprise: a t-shirt that says “FYI: I’m a boy!”

Grandpa Landry doesn’t immediately take notice, but finally gets clued in, as you hear him say “a what?”

He still seems unsure, as Carie waits for the gender reveal to finally register, and he wonders why the baby is wearing the shirt. Carie explains “because it’s a boy.”

His reaction? “No way.” He’s still totally stunned, as she says his name is “Landry James.”

Grandpa finally is on board, calling everyone “brats” jokingly, then laughing and smiling about the amazing news.

How Carie kept this secret her entire pregnancy is admirable, considering he wanted to know the gender, but she never tipped him off to this unexpected surprise nor did the other family members who knew the secret.

Best of all, the baby was born on Grandpa Landry’s birthday!

The Caters Clips YouTube video explains: “This is the adorable moment a grandpa finds out his newest grandchild is actually a boy, after several generations of being the only male in the family. Meeting his third grandchild for the first time in Breese, Illinois, USA, James Patrick is about to receive an unforgettable gift on the morning of his 49th birthday.”

The description further notes: “After having two sisters, four daughters and two granddaughters, James was resigned to being the only man in the family, after he had been told he was walking in to meet yet another girl, his third granddaughter.”

While many commenters weighed in with opinions on the YouTube video, one person explained why this was a big moment for the man: “He was excited for a boy after being the only male in the family for years. If the situation were reversed, and there were all boys, I’m sure he’d be excited for a girl. I’ve worked in labor & delivery for 34 years, and just because a parent expresses a desire for a specific gender, that doesn’t mean they don’t want a healthy baby of either gender, nor does that make them a bad parent. They still are happy and love their children. You’re allowed to be excited about something that’s extra special to you or your family, without detracting from everyone else.”

Freddy Is The Tallest Dog In The World And These Photos Of Him Are Unreal (3 photos)

Freddy Is The Tallest Dog In The World And These Photos Of Him Are Unreal (3 photos)

Giants walk amidst us, and who says they have to be humans. While there are human freaks of nature that reach intimidating unbelievable heights, they also have their non-human companions as well. At an astonishing 7 feet 6 inches, a dog named Freddy has been officially declared as the biggest dog in the world.

Freddy is a great Dane and is typical of his kind to be of massive size an average adult male weighs as much as 190 pounds and stands as tall as 33 inches at the shoulders. When Claire Stoneman found Freddy and brought him home, she had prepared herself to take care of a big dog, and that was precisely what she got.

Great Danes are never small, and Stone man knew that quite alright, but no one expected Freddy to get this big. The dog surpassed everybody’s expectations. Freddy is bigger than any other do on the face of the earth and has been officially assigned that status by the Guinness World Records as the biggest dog in the world.

The dog, Freddy weighs an astounding 200 pounds and at 7-feet is more than two feet taller than his owner if he stands on his hind legs. Freddy might be taller than Stoneman, but she has nothing short of deep love for her oversized pooch. Claire says she can’t imagine her life without her adorable pooch.

Freddy isn’t Stoneman’s only dog. He has a sister named Fleur and Stoneman treats them both as her beloved kids. She treats them very kind with a consistent supply of their favorite snacks which are roasted chickens and a peanut butter toast.

She spends a whopping $15,000 every year on taking care of her dogs, which is understandable given Freddy’s size. And we’ve not even started talking about the 23 sofas which the dog feasted on when he was just a puppy.

According to Stoneman, she would come home from work and find a sea of foam all across the floor in her sitting room. And she always knew who was behind the carnage. But Freddy loved her all the same, and she can’t imagine her life without him.

However, Stoneman can now breathe a sigh of relief as her dog is no longer interested in tearing up sofas. Instead, she spends her time napping on them.

Asides the fact that Claire has to spend a whopping sum of money on ensuring that her dog gets fed, she also has to adjust her daily schedule and sacrifice some sleep to ensure that Freddy gets his daily 40-minutes’ walk. This is because Freddy cannot be walked at a regular hour like the other dogs as his intimidating height scares other dogs and a walk in the park will be awkward and put Freddy on the spot and cause.

It’s not every day you see a 200 pounds’ dog strolling in the park.

Because of this Freddy and Claire only take their walk in the early hours of the morning before daylight. Freddy is now the proud holder of a Guinness world record and now basks in his glory.

If you like to learn more about how this big Dog spends his day and all the loads of fun he has with the rest of his family, you can check out his Facebook page to learn more about Freddy.