2-Year-Old Girl Bitten By A Copperhead Snake At Her Daycare

Parents often do have to keep a lookout for their children in places such as playgrounds in case of accidents or injuries.

A child named Kiley Cook was bitten copperhead snake while playing at her school’s playground in Grandbury, Texas.

Thankfully, her mother, Nataly Horn was present when Kiley was bitten and was able to get medical help on time.

Kiley received immediate medical attention after flying to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.

The bite caused Kiley’s hand to swell but she has managed to recover fully.

As a side note to all parents and school teachers, you should check the playground or backyard before deeming that it is safe for the children.

Check out this video:

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Bride’s Car Accident Put Her In A Wheelchair. When The Doors Open, Everyone In The Church Gasped

Bride’s Car Accident Put Her In A Wheelchair. When The Doors Open, Everyone In The Church Gasped

Weddings are a milestone in life. They’re an opportunity to join lives with another person in the eyes of the law. Weddings also connect two families. It’s no wonder that people spend months of their lives planning and preparing to walk down the aisle and marry the love of their life. But one bride did not know if she would be able to walk down the aisle at all – and that’s because she was paralyzed in a car accident not long before it was time for her to marry.

The car accident left Jennifer Darmon incapacitated. A van pinned her down and left her fighting for her life. When rescue crews arrived, they eventually freed Jennifer from the trap and rushed her to the hospital. But that’s when doctors confirmed the worst. Jennifer had suffered an injury to her spinal cord and was paralyzed from her waist down.

Although doctors told Jennifer the bad news, they never expected her to offer such a spunky response. She quickly accepted that her legs were not working like they used to and got to work trying to fix them as fast as possible. Although doctors told her it would be impossible, Jennifer refused to give up on herself.

Through it all, Jennifer was supported by her boyfriend, Mike Belawetz. Although he was not tied to Jennifer, he loved her too much to leave her behind. That’s why he went out of his way three hours to visit her as she got the helped she needed to recover.

Eventually, Mike decided that nothing could stop him from loving Jennifer. And he told her that no matter what happened, he wanted her to be in his life. He proposed, and she accepted. Now Jennifer had hopes of walking down the aisle to marry her husband-to-be.

Over the course of several weeks, Jennifer attended as many physical therapy appointments as she could. And as she finished each session, she told her future husband Mike Belawetz not to give up hope on her. She promised him that when their wedding day came, she would be able to walk down the aisle to marry him.

Because Mike knew that Jennifer was the type of person who never gave up, he knew better than to give up on her. Although doctors were dubious that Jennifer would be able to defy the odds and walk again, Mike had a lot of faith in his wife-to-be.

When the day of their wedding finally arrived, Mike was nervous to see what would happen. But Jennifer was confident that she could do it. As Mike waited looking out at the closed doors to the chapel, he wanted more than anything to see Jennifer walk through them.

And that’s exactly what she did.

In the video from ABC News below, you’ll watch as Jennifer shares her story with the world.

Viewers like you shared their thoughts, including the following:

“This is so inspirational!”

“This brought tears to my eyes, that TV still not talking about the sill official story of 911.”

“This was amazing, it touches my heart. God bless you.”

What is your reaction to their heartwarming tale?

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Keith Urban Grants Dying Fan’s Last Wish With Bedside Performance Of Her Favorite Song (video)

Keith Urban Grants Dying Fan’s Last Wish With Bedside Performance Of Her Favorite Song (video)

Not all celebrities are likable, but for the fans of Keith Urban, they know how good of a man he is. He is not only a very talented and successful country music singer but also very well-known for his good deeds. If you remember, he thanked a woman who paid for his sandwich even though she did not recognize him.

Now, the singer has taken his kindness to the next level!

A video of him is going viral for all the right reasons. This was a footage of him visiting a dying fan in the hospital and granting his ultimate wish; to see Keith Urban!

Marissa English is a 25-year-old fan of the singer. However, she is more than just a fan. Perhaps she is the biggest fan. She was not able to go to his concert because she was in the hospital.

She already purchased the tickets and she was heartbroken when she was not able to make it. Marissa had so many health problems ever since she was a little girl. This included a cyst on her brain, scoliosis, and also cerebral palsy.

According to the nurses, she will be in the hospice care soon and her prognosis is not really good. A nurse once told her parents to go home and just enjoy her company for possibly a year because that might just be the longest that they will have Marissa.

She missed her chance to see her favorite singer and to lighten up her mood, she made sure to have photos of him in her hospital room. One of her nurses named Jackie Codding said that Marissa had a fascination with Keith and she loves to watch him on TV or maybe listen to his music. She even sleeps with a Keith Urban tour T-shirt wrapped around her pillow.

Marissa’s mom, Marlise Matthews, said that Marissa’s fascination to the singer is really cute because she would pick up the pillow, hug it and kiss it, and she will point at it and say, “Mr. Hottie. ”

Marissa’s nurses realized that if only she will have the chance to see her favorite singer, this would lift up her spirits.

They used the social media and started a campaign to bring Keith Urban to St. Vincent Hospital. They were hoping that if this would not be possible, a simple talk with her through Facetime would be another option.

Nurse Jan Cassidy said, “We knew how important it was to Marissa to be at that concert tonight. ” Since Marissa was not able to go they were hoping that they would be able to find some way to have the singer make a connection with her.

Unexpectedly, Keith saw the message and she gave Marissa together with her family a surprise that they will never forget for the rest of their lives!

Keith Urban visited Marissa and he also had a conversation with her. Not only that, but he also sang one of Marissa’s favorite song, “Blue Aint Your Color,” from her bedside. The million dollar smile on her face clearly shows how happy she is. Even her sister, Madison, was happy for her. She posted, “You are a class act and we could never express how much this meant to us today.”

During his concert, that night, Marissa’s family was able to attend and see him perform, along with some ICU nurses. He told his fans while on stage that he just met a very beautiful girl named Marissa and the singer thinks that Marissa is her biggest fan. Keith also dedicated his entire show to Marissa again proving to the world how kind he is as a person.

4 Guys Follow Inebriated Teen With Her “Dad’ When Hunch Tells Them Something Is Very Wrong

4 Guys Follow Inebriated Teen With Her “Dad’ When Hunch Tells Them Something Is Very Wrong

Sometimes we adults think that teenagers are not old enough to think for themselves or choose the right decision. This story will definitely change your belief and perception about what teenagers can do when they found themselves in the middle of a situation where they have to be brave and act decisively.

It happened in Canada when four teens, James Hielema, Arnaud Nimenya, Starlyn Rives-Perez, and Carsyn Wright, saw an intoxicated young girl being dragged by a man through a parking garage. The man claimed to be her father. This did not sit right with these lads so they acted quickly and safely saved a girl’s life.

It was a night to skateboard for these teens when they saw this unusual pair. When a well-dressed man is seen together with a drunken and angry teenage girl, this combination would never look right to anyone, even with these teens. According to Carsyn, the girl was yelling and screaming at the man telling him that she just wants to be out of there.

They also noticed that she was scuffed up and dirty.

They tried to approach the man to know if there is any problem but they were just brushed off immediately. The man continued to insist that he is the father of this young girl. She did not agree nor disagree with the man, or maybe give these guys some hint if she is in trouble or not. They decided to let them pass even if they already felt that something is wrong, and went back to their skateboards.

As they were leaving the parking garage, they felt something odd about what just happened. They decided to go back inside and follow what their gut is telling them. They were right, something is really wrong.

The teens saw that this man was about to sexually assault the defenseless drunk girl!

These teens were shocked but immediately sprung into action to save her. The attacker was alarmed when he saw the teens approaching so he quickly tried to abandon the girl as fast as he can. However, these teens will let him go like nothing happened. One of the teens stayed behind with the girl to make sure that she is alright while the other three chased the man down hoping to catch him and not let him get away after what he did to the girl.

Arnaud shared that the man was trying to run away from them. He said, “He pushed me aggressively out of the way, kinda like just gives me the smile, like, ‘I can do this. You can’t do anything about it. ’”

The teens got into a fight with the man and he even tried to hit one of them with a skateboard. Fortunately, authorities arrived on time before it was too late. The young woman was safe and the man was arrested for what he did.

The bravery of these teens did not go unnoticed. Each of them was given awards from the local police department. The local police were very impressed with what they did, who wouldn’t? Thanks to their quick thinking, the young girl was saved and the man who attacked her was caught before he has the chance to get away from the scene.

Man Arrested After 12 Young Girls Rescued From His Home

When police were called to a home in Lower Southampton, Pennsylvania in response to reports of concern over the health and welfare of the children who lived there.

They hadn’t expected to find 12 young girls living with a 52-year-old man who was in no way related to them.

man sleeps with young girls
Image Credit: AP

Lee Kaplan lived with these girls, ranging from 6 months to 18 years of age, with the eldest having been given to him as a gift from her own parents.

At the time, the girl was 14 and her formerly Amish parents were facing financial troubles. In exchange for help, they offered Kaplan their daughter.

Now, at 18, this girl has fathered two of Kaplan’s children who also live with them in the home.

man sleeps with young girls
Image Credit: NBC 10

This has been going on for years, as these parents later claimed that all the children in the home are, in fact, their own.

As a small mercy, the girls were not malnourished and the house itself was in an acceptable condition.

man sleeps with young girls
Image Credit: AP

The neighbor who called in regarding this issue knew something was up the moment she saw Kaplan out with the girls, and believes that the police took too long to respond.

She said that the sad and frightened appearances of the girls also urged her to report the situation.

The underage girls who were on the property are now in protective custody, and their parents are being held on child endangerment charges with a $1 million bail.

Meanwhile, Kaplan, who insists that he loves the children, has been charged with indecent assault on a person younger than 16, statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, corruption of minors, and contact with a minor involving sexual offenses.

man sleeps with young girls
Image Credit: N/A

Investigation into this matter is ongoing.

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Lottery Winner Arrested for Dumping $200,000 of Manure On Ex-Boss’ Lawn

A man from Illinois was arrested for getting $224,000 worth of manure dumped on his former employer’s property, only two weeks after he won $125 million at the lottery and quit his job.

54-year old Brian Morris, from the small town of Clarendon Hills in Dupage County, bought over 20,000 tons of manure and asked for it to be dumped on his former boss’ property, pretending it was his residence.

Dozens of trucks filled with manure showed up in front of the house around 6:00 this morning and began dumping their smelly cargo over the property’s lawn.

George Fitzgerald, Mr. Morris’ former employer, was awakened by the sound of the vehicles on his property and rapidly called the police.

Unfortunately, it took the police more than 15 minutes to arrive on the site, and more than 10,000 tons of manure had already been dumped in the meantime.

Brian Morris was standing right across the street and laughing when the police arrived, and he rapidly came over to confess his responsibility and explain his motivations.

Lieutenant Frank Meyers, a spokesman of the Clarendon Hills Police Department, met the press a few hours later to explain the motivations behind this strange crime.

“The accused told us he’d worked for the victim for 17 years and was treated like shit. He says he had to endure his mistreatment because he needed the money, but that now that he won $125 million it was time for revenge.”

The Clarendon Hills Police Department admitted that its response time was inadequate and said it would keep a close eye on Mr. Morris to avoid any more incidents.

Brian Morris had attracted a lot of media attention two weeks ago after winning $125 million at Powerball Multi-state lottery.

When asked by organizers what he would do with the money, he had simply answered: “Just read the news, you’ll see“.

He was freed on bail a few hours after his arrest, and told reporters to “stay alert“, claiming he had “a few other pranks to pull over the next few weeks“.

Person Comes Across A Crying Rottweiler Who’s Nose, Ears And Tail Were Chopped Off

A $2,500 reward is being offered by the Michigan Humane Society.

They want the person responsible for removing a Rottweiler’s ears and nose found and arrested.

A citizen saw the seriously injured dog and called the MHS. The dog was taken to MHS’ Mackey Center for Animal Care for treatment.

No doubt his injuries had caused a great deal of suffering.

Not only did someone intentionally cut off his ears and nose, but he also had cuts on his back legs, and his tail is gone.

Despite this horrible abuse, the chocolate Rottie mix is very friendly.

Mark Ramos, the lead investigator, said the dog is expected to recover and will be put up for adoption.

Take a look at this image

disfigured rottweiler
Image Credit: N/A

Please help MHS find the beast who caused this dog so much pain.

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Employee Poured Hot Water On Homeless Man Charging His Phone To Call His Mom(VIDEO)

Employee Poured Hot Water On Homeless Man Charging His Phone To Call His Mom(VIDEO)

A video was recently posted online that has sparked widespread outrage and backlash for how a homeless man was treated at a Dunkin’ Donuts by an employee of the restaurant. The video showed the employee pouring cold water on a homeless man who was sleeping at a table.

The short video which showed the moment the homeless man was being badly treated by some employee at the quick service restaurant in Syracuse, N.Y was posted on Facebook and has since gone viral.

In the video, one of the employees who took part in the cruel act was head shouting loudly to the homeless man who was later on identified as Jeremy Dufresne “How many times do I have to tell you to stop sleeping in here?”

The employee who was responsible for dumping the bucket of water on the homeless young man was identified as Shakeen Robbins and he and the other employees involved have since been suspended from their jobs until a formal investigation is completed.

After dumping the bucket of cold water on the young man who had been resting his heads on a table while he charged his phone, the employee was said to have threatened to call the cops to get Jeremy out of the store if he didn’t leave immediately.

Responding to the incident, Kimberly Wolak who is the owner of the Dunkin Donuts franchise released a statement which announced that all the members of staff involved in the incidence have been suspended pending a full investigation. Wolak also mentioned in the release that he is currently trying to reach out to Dufresne about the issue in order to apologize for the way he was treated.

What many people found even more disturbing was the fact that one of the people involved was even bold enough to post the video on Facebook. He probably thought it funny that something like that was being done to a human being like them. one of the men could even be heard laughing while water was being dumped on the homeless man by the other.

The video of the act after it was posted online has garnered more than 5. 5 million views.

Dufresne, the homeless man who was badly treated at the restaurant said he sometimes visit the restaurant on other to get some warmth. He also uses the opportunity to charge his phone so that he can call his mom to say goodnight to her, something he does every evening.

But Dufresne although not happy about the incidence, seems to understand that the employee might have had a reason for his actions, saying the other man was probably frustrated and took it out on him”

“He probably had some personal problems of his own and needed someone to talk to,” said Dufresne. “And he took it out on someone else, like me.”

This seems totally with Robbin’s explanation of the incidence as he claimed to have done what he did out of frustration and he was truly regretted his actions afterward.

He also said that he wasn’t the one that posted the video online and he wasn’t the one laughing in the video as well. Robbins also claimed to have approached the co-worker who recorded the scene and uploaded it and asked him to take down the video by which time it was already too later.

Dufresne’s case got to the attention of Al-Amin Muhammed who is an advocate for the homeless. His NGO, We Rise Above the Streets organized a group of demonstrators to protest at the Dunkin’ Donut restaurant for Dufresne’s sake. A GoFundMe page was also opened for Dufresne and against the target of $150 the page has been able to raise $22,419 as at the time of writing this article.

He Was Enjoying A Meal With His Young Daughter When The Waitress Brought This Note To Them

He Was Enjoying A Meal With His Young Daughter When The Waitress Brought This Note To Them

Being a parent is tough. From the day your child is born, you naturally lose sleep as a result of the endless worrying and work involved with raising a kid, and while you may find yourself getting more sleep over the years, your worry doesn’t lessen. Now, imagine being a single parent? As if the pressure wasn’t on when you had a partner to enjoy parenting with, imagine how much harder it gets when there is just one of you every moment of the day.

One dad made it clear what his priorities in life were, while out to dinner on Valentine’s day. Instead of going out for a fancy dinner with his current flame, the single dad chose to take his six-year-old daughter out for the special holiday. The two of them talked about the day and how much they meant to one another and had an enjoyable time, but they didn’t realize that someone had been watching them during their private date.

When the dad went to pay the bill, he received the following note…

“Hi there! Sorry to spy, but my husband and I saw you out with your little date and were so impressed with what a great Dad you are. From two adults who grew up without dads, it’s so important to have a male role model at a young age. Keep up the good work Dad! Dinner is on us!”

The dad was shocked by the genuine kindness, but he was disappointed that they didn’t leave a name and they had already left the restaurant so he didn’t have a chance to thank them. Since he couldn’t show his gratitude, he used Facebook to share the kind deed with the world.

Alongside the photo, the dad shared the following caption…

“As a single dad, I took my six-year-old daughter out to Valentine’s dinner tonight when this happened. I won’t lie, I teared up at the table. So, thank you, random strangers. Thank you.”

While society tends to focus on the bad in the world, there really is a lot of good and if you just stop to look around, you will notice that there is good in nearly every situation. Maybe it’s time we make the good stand out as much as the bad stands out, to balance out the world a little better.

Single mothers are often the ones that get applauded for all their hard work, but there are single fathers out there who do just as much work and they need to be recognized in the same way this dad was. Having a father figure is beneficial on so many levels, including the fact that children with fathers have a better chance of expressing emotions properly. Dads offer a different perspective and give children another person to go to and rely on which in turn, results in more confidence when tackling new things.

Unfortunately there is still a large population of children living with absent fathers. Statistics show that one out of three American children live in homes without fathers.

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Mom Who’s Throat Was Slit Open By Ex-Fiance Ordered To Write Him Letters Or Face Jail Time

Our criminal justice system doesn’t always make much sense. There are outdated laws that still are in effect all across the country.

For example, it is illegal to take a picture of a rabbit from January to April in Wyoming. Does someone seriously enforce that?

Here is another stupid requirement the legal system has handed down.

open throat mom
Image Credit: newsteam

Natalie Allman, 29, was tortured in front of her twin boys by her ex-husband, Jason Hughes. The attack happened 2012, at the time, the boys were five years old.

Hughes hit Allman with dumbbells, cut her throat with a knife, and tried to suffocate her with a pillow.

open throat mom
Image Credit: newsteam

Finally, Allman was able to call the police and Hughes earned himself a nine-year jail term for his actions.

Last January, Hughes’ lawyer demanded that Allman keep Hughes informed about his sons.

open throat mom
Image Credit: newsteam

Allman was told to write Hughes six letters every year and to call him on the boys birthdays and holidays.

Wait, what?! What kind of twisted request is that?

It gets worse – much worse.

open throat mom
Image Credit: newsteam

If Allman doesn’t comply, she will be either fined or sent to prison.

So, Huges can attempt to kill Allman in front of the children and still deserves to know what is going on in their lives?

He shouldn’t have any parental rights at all.

open throat mom
Image Credit: newsteam

I hope Allman can get her lawyer to help, this can’t really be allowed to happen.

She was the victim in 2012 and is being mistreated by the legal system now.

open throat mom
Image Credit: newsteam

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