Cat Sneaks Into The Dryer, When Owner Notices, Just Watch What It Does

Have you ever seen those indoor cat wheels? They are basically like hamster wheels, just big enough for your cat! They allow your indoor cat the opportunity to get some exercise. Not everyone can afford to get their cats those wheels, however (they are kinda pricey). When the kitten in this video saw those cat wheels and realized he wasn’t going to get one – he improvised!

Did you know that your dryer may be a suitable substitute? Well, if you cat is small enough and you leave your dryer door open, it can! Just check out the video below! When his owner tries to get him out, he politely refuses! Would love to see this kitten when he grows up! Does he continue to ‘work-out’ in the dryer!

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When These Started Coming Out Of The Water, Everyone On The Beach Started Running For Cover

When These Started Coming Out Of The Water, Everyone On The Beach Started Running For Cover

While four people gaze out over the ocean, they’re stunned when something “so powerful” blasts from the calm waters. It was not something they expected to see on that day, but they happened to be able to capture it on video. And now the entire internet is afire with the amazing content that you’re going to see for yourself at the bottom of this story.

While stationed on the beach in Koh Lipe, which is located in southern Thailand, nature lovers were eager to witness a natural phenomenon. They did not know if they were going to see them touch down, but they hoped that the large, dangerous cyclones would miraculously appear from the sky and touch down on the water.

And these beachgoers were not disappointed. They watched as nature materialized before their eyes in the form of four cyclones touching down on the surface of the water. As they watched, they saw the wind tunnels sucking up the cool water to create magnificent waterspouts that left the observers awestruck.

And they were inspired. They videotaped this amazing sight and shared it with the world via the internet.

The event happened like this. People gathered on the beach in Koh Lipe. The sky started turning dark gray with storm clouds and began approaching the shore.

Then the sky filled with four cyclones. These four large columns formed in the sky and touched down in the ocean. Thankfully the viewers are at a safe distance and can watch the power of nature without feeling in danger themselves.

As the four cyclones touch down on the surface of the water, observers are awestruck – as are the thousands of viewers who have since watched the footage you’re about to see online.

In the video you can hear people responding to the sight: “That’s a cyclone! It’s sucking up the water.”

Another woman summed up her emotional reaction perfectly, “Oh my god! What is it?”

The person responsible for capturing the footage was Kim Puyu. She worked on the island and commented on the spectacular act of nature.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’ve not even seen one waterspout, so it was amazing to see four of them together. The weather was very dramatic because it’s an island in the ocean. Before the clouds came, there was strong sun, and it was hot. Then out of nowhere, the dark clouds appeared. Nature is so powerful. It’s amazing.”

Waterspouts are also known as funnel clouds. These are spinning cylinders of air, which can be dangerous. These tornados touch down on the water and suck up the liquid to form a beautiful phenomenon as seen in the video below.

These waterspouts are most commonly found in tropical areas with warm air and warm water. That’s why it was not unheard of to see it happening in the south of Thailand.

Weather Forecast Bureau spokesman Surapong Sarapa claimed these are common in the Andaman Sea coast during the rainy season, but seeing four at once is an amazing delight.

When This 4-Year-Old Girl Started Signing A 40-Year-Old Song, The Entire Crowd Gasped

When This 4-Year-Old Girl Started Signing A 40-Year-Old Song, The Entire Crowd Gasped

I love when young people appreciate good music. It’s great to see children searching for and finding music that can stand the test of time rather than just listening to whatever happens to be popular or on the top-40 charts. While Popular Music of today has its merit – usually in the dance club – when a young person goes out and actively seeks out music they can fall in love with – rather than just the flavor of the week – they prove they have musical tastes.

And the audience, listening to this four-year-old girl belt out a classic that is ten-times older than her cannot deny the appeal of her passion for music, for which she lacks nothing.

Sophie Fatu might be only four in the video below, but she’s got an old soul. And her music choice proves that because she goes beyond the Billboard charts of her day and seeks out a track to sing for the crowd that has been touching people’s hearts for decades.

While she may be young, she’s proving to be a force in the music industry. And when you hear her sweet voice belt out classic songs, like the Frank Sinatra covers she does on her YouTube account, you’ll fall in love like thousands of others have.

She was only on YouTube a short while before a talent scout picked her out from the masses. You can tell that she is going places, so they got her onto Steve Harvey’s “Little Big Shots” to sing a song that the audience loved.

While the TV appearance was the first time Sophie sang for a live audience, she was confident and ready for anything. Despite the pressure of singing for a studio audience and the millions of people watching at home, she allowed her passion for singing to take her where she needed to go. And now there is no stopping Sophie Fatu.

In the video, listen to this adorable girl belt out “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. It’s one of her favorite songs to sing, and she does a beautiful job singing it in front of Steve Harvey and the television audience. Her parents must be so proud.

While she is small and young, Sophie has the natural ability to retain the crowd’s attention. She commands them and makes sure their eyes stay on her, and their ears keep focused on her voice. It makes a big difference.

While another child singer might be concerned since they’re the youngest performer on the stage, she does not waver for a second. And while Sophie has a great voice, she also has something else that just cannot be taught – stage presence and charisma.

Watch her performance below. You’ll be amazed.

At one point during her rendition of “My Way,” you can see the audience jump from their seat. They’re drawn into her so much that she can influence how they react. What a blooming talent! Take a few moments to watch her performance. Even Steve Harvey is impressed.

What’s your reaction to this young singer?

Here’s Why The American Flag Is Put On Backwards On U.S. Military Uniforms

Here’s Why The American Flag Is Put On Backwards On U.S. Military Uniforms

Have you ever wondered why the flag on the military uniform always appears reversed despite the US’s protectiveness of it and the fact that they would give severe punishment to whoever disrespects it? Well, if you believe it is, then you might want to look carefully at the position of the flag patch.

The military has got many traditions that many people are not aware of, and most especially their meanings and what they symbolize. The issue with the flag on the uniforms is an example. Many people believe the flag is in a reversed way, but according to the Army Regulation 670-1, the flag is in the right position.

What is the Army Regulation 670-1? The army, like any other body, has got rules that regulate its members, how to behave and how not to. The Army Regulation 670-1, formally known as the Wear and Appearance of Army Uniform Insignia, is the portion of rules which dictate how a man or woman in uniform should wear.

It goes beyond and outlines the length of hair a uniformed male or female person should keep. The section even mentions the nitty gritty like how a soldier in uniform should carry an umbrella. Another significant part it covers is the one about when a soldier is allowed to have on him or her, wireless devices and so on.

On the issue of the clothing, the section requires that the American flag patch should always be on the right of the flag. The flag should be on the right or left shoulder so long as it faces forward. The Army reasons that with the flag patch worn that way, it resembles a flying flag carried by a soldier who is moving. This way the flag is on its right and is moving forward, which would have been a different case if the flag appeared the other way round.

Another thing that may get people wondering is why the flag patch is usually in muted colors. The reason behind this is to make it easy for the soldiers to camouflage easily during battles.

The flag is usually a great symbol to the United States, and failure to respect it could lead to severe consequences. Take for example in 1963 when an activist showed up in a meeting wearing a shirt with the flag patch on it. The police around were quick to act and stripped the shirt off him. They then arrested and sued him in the court of law
Even though the court ruled out the accusations against the activist, saying that the constitution did not categorize wearing the flag as a federal crime, many people were against it and wanted punishment for him. They argued that the act was unpatriotic and disrespectful to the flag which is a great symbol of their freedom.

It is, however, not only the army uniform that has the flag appearing in a reversed way. Other US national properties have the flag looking this way as well. Take for example the airports; they also display the flag in the same way. According to Newsiosity, their code may not be in the AR 670-1, but it is of the same reasoning as that of the army, which is having the flag always facing forward.

Giant Cow Saved Its Own Life By Being “Too Big” And Now Everyone Is Saying “Holy Cow”

Giant Cow Saved Its Own Life By Being “Too Big” And Now Everyone Is Saying “Holy Cow”

Sometimes there are things on the internet that spread around because they are important information, and other times it’s because it’s so completely crazy that it just needs to be seen to be believed.

Knickers is definitely more of the latter.

Knickers is a 6’4″ seven-year-old steer who has taken the internet by storm. He lives in Australia and towers over the rest of his herd.

He is reported to weigh around 1.5 tons and this hefty heifer has made quite the name for himself after his size managed to save his life.

“He was too big to go into the export plant’s chain,” Knicker’s owner Geoff Pearson explained. “We have a high turnover of cattle, and he was lucky enough to stay behind.”

Knickers’ giant body isn’t just strange to look at, it meant that he couldn’t fit in the facility, and will get to live out the rest of his life in luxury.

“It was too heavy. I wouldn’t be able to put it through a processing facility,” Pearson revealed. “So I think it will just live happily ever after.”

Knickers may have been saved from slaughter, but he still has a job to do. He’s actually been helping Pearson train the other cows and keeps them in line.

“You’ll put him in a paddock and all the other cattle seem to get attracted to him,” the farmer said. “Whenever he wants to get up and start walking, there’s a trail of hundreds of cattle following him.”

Maybe it’s just that his size creates a sort of gravitational pull?

Experts have been weighing in on if this cow is actually as unique as it seems to be, but Dr. M. Todd See says that it’s actually just the breed of Knickers and his herd that makes the difference appear so drastic.

“The Holstein Fresian is one of the larger cattle breeds and is the largest dairy breed of cattle in size,” See said in an interview with TIME. “The cattle that he is pictured with are of beef breed or breed crosses that are more moderate in size, so from a genetic perspective, I would expect him to be larger and taller. A simple but perhaps more extreme analogy would be a Great Dane dog as compared to a Yorkshire Terrier.”

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Meet Knickers. The cow of nightmares.

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Another contributing factor to his large size is the fact that he is older than most cows who are raised for beef. “He is 7 years old. Typically cattle raised on pasture for beef would be 18 to 26 months of age,” See explained. “While when he reached greater than two years of age his rate of growth would have slowed, he would have continued to increase in weight and size.”

There have been a couple other cows around the world that meet Knickers impressive size, but even if he’s not the only giant cow, he’s still impressive!

Bullies Make Fun Of 6 Sons’ Long Hair, Then Mom Has Them Chop It All Off

Phoebe Kannisto has six sons a set of 5-year-old triplets, a pair of 8-year-old twins, and a 10-year-old.

The family all live in Cheektowaga, New York and decided to work together for a great cause.

Three years ago, a family friend lost a son to cancer. Some of Kannisto’s boys were about eh same age as that boy.

It hit home with the family, and the boys all decided to grow out their hair and donate it to the nonprofit organization, Children with Hair Loss.

They boys did have to endure some bullying as their hair grew longer and longer and it wasn’t from just kids their own age, adults made rude comments too.

After several months, the boys got their hair cut and were able to donate 17 feet of hair!

Take a look at this video

Please don’t judge people by how they look – you don’t know what they may be going through or doing.

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Stranger Walks Up To Bride And Forces His Hand On HIs Heart, Then It Clicks In Her Head And She Breaks Down

Stranger Walks Up To Bride And Forces His Hand On HIs Heart, Then It Clicks In Her Head And She Breaks Down

Our wedding day is one of the most important events in our lives. During this memorable times, women want their entire family to be there, as well as their closest friends. What’s very important for them is for their father to walk them down the aisle. Sometimes, our fathers pass away even before this day happens.

Jeni Stepien was not able to have his dad walk her down the aisle during her big day because he was murdered in 2006. Even though this happened to him, Michael Stepiens’ murder ended up saving a life.

Arthur Thomas was dying the time that Stepiens was murdered. He is in desperate need of a new heart and he has been waiting for a donor and a match for 16 years! He is literally in death’s door! Surprisingly, Stepien was an organ donor and he is a perfect match for Thomas. He immediately received Michaels’ heart and the surgery and transfer were successful.

While Jeni was planning her wedding a decade after her dad passed away, she realized that this day will never be complete without his dad. All she ever wanted was at least to feel her dad’s beating heart again. So she decided to get in touch with Thomas.

She wrote him a letter and also sent him an invitation to her wedding, asking Thomas if he would do the honor of walking her down the aisle on her wedding day. During his interview later on he said, “Jeni wrote me a letter and she said ‘If you’re willing, will you walk me down the aisle. ’”

Jeni did not put too much hope on that letter, but it didn’t take long for Thomas to respond. He gladly said YES! He traveled from New Jersey to St. Anselm Church located in Swissvale, Pennsylvania to fulfill his promise to walk Jeni down the aisle. The least that he could do for the man who saved him.

You can only imagine how touching this reunion have been. They have been writing letters for years, but they never really met personally. The moment Jeni and Thomas saw each other, happy tears were shed.

Jeni would finally be able to feel her dads heartbeat again after 10 long years. Thomas felt happy and honored the moment he met the daughter of the man who saved his life, the man who gave his heart to him and gave him a second chance at life.

During his interview, Thomas said, “What greater honor could a person have than walking the daughter of the man who’s given his heart to him. I can’t imagine a greater honor. ” Their story was shared on ABC NEWS and this touched the hearts of so many people all over the world.

Jeni said, “It has been the best day of my life. ” Jeni profusely thanked Thomas for coming to her wedding and completing this very important day for her, but Thomas constantly assures her that it was a great honor for him to do this for her and for her dad.

Jeni may have lost his dad and would not be able to see for himself the happiest day of his daughter’s life, but sure enough, his heart would be able to feel the overwhelming joy through Thomas. Jeni knew that even though his dad already passed away, somewhere out there, a part of him still continues to live.

A wonderful story indeed of a man who lost his own life but was able enough to save another.

The CDC Has Recalled Over 6.5 Million Pounds Of Beef Nationwide. Here’s What You Need To Know

The CDC Has Recalled Over 6.5 Million Pounds Of Beef Nationwide. Here’s What You Need To Know

We always make sure that we buy safe and clean meat products in the market and we usually feel safe purchasing food from the grocery store. In reality, we can’t be sure what happens here before we bring it home and cook it for our family.

We may take all the necessary sanitary precautions like washing everything thoroughly and ensuring that we are not cross-contaminating our food when we prepare it, we can’t avoid that sometimes things can go wrong in the supply chain which makes our food dangerous for consumption, especially when it comes to meat.

A recent recall on beef caused a scare and this was last October 4th when the USDA announced that there is a recall on over 6.5 million pounds of ground beef!

The recalled beef was traced back to JBS Tolleson, Incorporated. This is a supplier that is based out of Tolleson, Arizona. The meat was recalled because it was potentially contaminated with salmonella. The beef that was believed to have salmonella was marked with “EST.267” number and this was shipped to different food retailers; FoodMaxx, Harvey’s Supermarket, Lucky, Savemart, Sprouts, and also Winn Dixie Supermart.

Salmonella poisoning is among the food-borne illnesses that are considered as one of the more serious ones. If you have recently ingested ground beef and you do not feel well, make sure that you track your symptoms and seek medical help when necessary. Most people who have been infected with salmonella will experience diarrhea, fever, as well as stomach cramps within 12 to 17 hours after being exposed to the said bacteria.

Children who are younger than 5 years old and adults over 65 years old are more susceptible to salmonella. Those who have a weak immune system or have autoimmune disorders are also advised to be extra cautious when eating ground beef.

According to experts, the risk factor due to this recall has been listed as Class I which is a high-risk recall. 57 patients were reported who became victims of salmonella poisoning related to this supply chain and 14 of these people have been hospitalized and luckily, there were no deaths reported. This recall has affected a total of 16 states.

The states that were hit the hardest by this outbreak is Arizona with 15 cases and Colorado with 12 cases. Other states that were affected include California, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Oregon, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming,

The CDC is currently conducting an ongoing investigation and the recall is still in effect. The beef that has been marked with “EST.267” is advised to throw it immediately!

Although most of the potentially contaminated food was shipped to grocery stores, there are some local restaurants in the states listed above that may also be at risk. To those who own a restaurant, make sure that you get rid of this risky beef and also advise your customers about the possible risk.

Customers are also advised to inquire from their local restaurants where the beef that they are ordering comes from and whether it was cooked properly.

Even though the recall is still ongoing and investigations continue, this is a reminder to everyone handling and eating beef to always practice food safety. It is important that you follow the right procedures when cooking at home, or when preparing food for other people other than yourself.

A Farmer Thought The Threatening Letters Were A Joke, But Now Someone’s Hurting His Animals

A Farmer Thought The Threatening Letters Were A Joke, But Now Someone’s Hurting His Animals

In what sounds exactly like a plot in a horror film, a New Hampshire farm has been getting terrorized and the FBI is on the case. For the past two years, Rickety Ranch in Hollis, has been on the receiving end of threats, damage, and even abuse to the innocent animals.

The sender of the threats is demanding $250,000 and will be happy to settle the ongoing disputes with the town if needed, however; the FBI is unaware of any disputes that would’ve led to such threats. Not only was their damage to farm vehicles, but animals were so heavily abused that they died in the torturous acts.

The FBI has issued a $10,000 award for anyone who can provide them with information that will lead to the location of person involved as well as the arrest and prosecution of the person or people responsible. In addition to putting up reward notices all over the state, the FBI has made it clear that this type of threat and damage will not be tolerated.

“We’re asking anyone with information about who is terrorizing them to come forward and share that information with us so we can put a stop to it, and bring whoever is responsible to justice,’ said Harold Shaw, special agent in charge of the FBI Boston division.

Rickety Ranch is an educational farm that prides itself in being run for kids and by kids.
When a the owner of the farm was called, he refused to comment.

Commenters shared a wide variety of opinions regarding the threats, however; several questioned why there weren’t any security cameras in place to try and catch the culprit.

Other are suggesting that the owner of the farm may be the one behind the crime or may be responsible for causing the threats.

“A farm for kids…may be time to have the owner investigated.”

The majority of commenters agreed that the worst part about this case is the fact that animals have been abused and killed.

“Property damage and threats are awful but animal abuse is on another level. Just horrific.”

One commenter suggested that they recruit armed volunteers to spend time guarding the farm.

“I’m sure they could find enough volunteers to sit outside hidden and armed. I would volunteer my time.”

Others suggested that maybe this is the start of a mass murder of both animals and humans…
“Serial killers start out torturing animals.”

Whether the farm owner is responsible for some type of dispute or not, it’s sad that the animals would have to pay the price. It would be in everyone’s best interest to move the animals or guard them from anymore harm. Surely there is another farm in the area that would house the animals until the case is solved.

Considering these threats have been going on for two years, one would think that someone would’ve thought to keep the animals save by now instead of seeing them get abused repeatedly. For all the damage that has occured to their farm vehicles, they could’ve purchased a decent camera to monitor the area.

I Left My Car Window Open A Crack. The Next Time I Checked On It, This Was Sitting In The Front Seat

I Left My Car Window Open A Crack. The Next Time I Checked On It, This Was Sitting In The Front Seat

When I moved into my new house, it didn’t take us long to realize that we were not the only ones living there. In the yard, a groundhog, or a woodchuck as we call it in New England, had made a home in my garden bed and under my porch. I caught him sneaking out to nibble on the greens from time to time, which goes to show you that nature has a way of making life work no matter the situation.

But after this car owner left the window to their vehicle cracked open, something a bit more sinister than a woodchuck snuck inside and made a home in the front seat. Travis Watson was the man called into the scene to remove the monstrous hornets’ nest that was built inside the car. Because Watson, who is a highly-paid bee removal specialist, knew that this was an opportunity to get some more publicity for his services, he took out his camera and started filming the nest removal process.

It’s amazing how Watson removed the nest and without getting significantly hurt. He sure is an expert and was smart to record the footage and upload it to his Facebook page.

The car had been abandoned for some time at a property in Ohio. And that gave the hornets plenty of time to build their massive nest and terrorize the owner of the car when he finally went to go check on it. The car was overgrown with grass and bushes. When the owner checked it out, they realized that if they wanted to get rid of it and even tow it away, they’d never to remove the hornets’ nest first.

The video is quite shocking. Watson reportedly wears triple-layer clothing and protective gloves when he goes into the hornet’s nest. The incident occurred in the Ohio town of Alliance. As soon as he gets close to the car, hundreds of hornets swarm around, clearly looking to defend their turf.

However, Watson proceeds undaunted. And when he opens the door to the old car, he exposes the full hornets’ nest. And as you can see, the thing is huge. It fills the entire height of the car seat and looks to be almost as tall as a human being would be if seated there instead.

Unlike other bee removers, Watson doesn’t plan to mess around with these hornets. Some people try to remove them without killing them, Watson just pumps the car filled with poison. The toxic fumes destroy the hornets quickly. Then he starts tearing apart the nest with his hands, exposing the inner workings of the nest.

As their home gets ripped apart, the hornets fly into a fury. Watson continues to place the pieces of the nest into a plastic bag.

Most people who watch this footage feel a visceral reaction to it. I know I did. Watson was too.

“On this one, I was nervous because I’ve never seen a European hornet nest this big,” he told the Washington Post.