Young Girl Breaks Down In Tears When Foster Mom Looks Back And Says “today is your day”


We don’t all always have we want. Other people don’t even have what they need. Life consists of waking up every day to work hard for both. Some us, however, are helpless and can neither ask nor work for either.

They are left at the mercy of the society to see their distress and reach out through kindness. This particular virtue is one that every single human should try to acquire. But how can we be kind without loving.

One good example of such vulnerable groups is children without parents. Orphans go through a great deal of emotional pain seeing other children grow up with their parents. Who can blame them for craving a family? Children are meant to be loved and brought up in an environment where they can thrive physically, emotionally and psychologically to become adults capable of giving the same love to their children.

Those adults who understand this, are willing and able to provide such care to children are the best people to grow up around. They walk to the children’s homes and commit to taking a child as their own and raising them just as they would theirs. This is one of the shows of the purest form of love.

A video that is now going viral on social media shows just how much joy two such parents bring into the life of one little girl.

The children are probably expecting the ride to go, as usual, get home and start working on their homework.

Suddenly, the mom flashes out her phone and starts recording the girl. The dad then announces the big news; they are going to adopt her! She can’t believe it. The girl sits upright with surprise written all over her face. “Really?” she asks.

The mom giggles and confirms that they are headed to the courthouse for the adoption. For a moment, she almost expects the grown-ups to burst out in laughter at what seems to be a joke, but they don’t. She looks over at the mom and asks whether she is lying, but she is not. “Today’s your day!”

The adorable girl turns over to look at the boy who was going to be her foster brother. She then turns back and looks at her parents, too shocked as the realization hits her. This was going to be her new family. The foster brother-to-be giggles as he looks outside the window.

The girl starts crying in excitement. This had to be the greatest gift life had given her so far; a family. We hope that she will fit in well in her new family and that she would always be grateful to them.