2nd Grader Stuns Crowd When He Sounds Exactly Like Johnny Cash

Most kids these days get their hands busy with their gadgets, well not this 2nd grader!

This kid is also known as “Little John” and he wowed the audience with this incredible charisma, to think that at this point he didn’t start singing yet!

Little John is dressed in his smart blue button-down shirt with his guitar wrapped around him. As he stood in front of his microphone, he sure is ready to play his instrument. But know that the song he chose was not an easy one but still, this brave boy went for it. With his oozing confidence, the audience was more than ready to witness what he can offer.


However, they were not prepared for what he was about to show them. This performance was at a convert that was put on by the school.

Before he started his performance, Little John introduced himself to the audience that informed them that he is going to perform two songs. Everybody was getting more excited. When he started singing, “Folsom Prison Blues” which is one of Johnny Cash’s greatest hits. Johnny Cash was an American singer-songwriter, a guitarist, and actor, and also an author.

In the music industry, he is one of the best-selling artists of all time. He sold over 90 million records worldwide.

Cash was always known for his deep and calm bass-baritone voice. He has a very distinctive sound which made it easier for him to be remembered by fans from all over the world. We all know that Johnny Cash is one of the greatest performers and covering his song would take guts and this boy surely has that.

For Little John, the Johnny Cash song came naturally to him. He never faltered! Not once. He even got the voice that can match with the original singer! You can even hear one of the audience shouts, “Wooh! Good job!” This kid has pure talent and even at a young age, he has the ability to get his audience’s attention. He has a warm and beautiful voice.

When everyone thought that this was it, Little John shocked everyone when he did something surprising! This was totally unexpected.

As it turns out, Little John has something has a hidden talent and he took the right moment to shock everyone. He amps up his performance to a whole new level that nobody ever expected from him. Although everyone in the audience knew that he can play the guitar, but nobody thought that he would already be this good. Who can possibly play that good when they are just 7 years old anyway?

The moment he started doing his tricks with his guitar strings, it completely blew everyone away! It’s like he’s been doing this for years!

This might be an old video of him performing, but there is no doubt that this boy’s talent is surely going to bring him someplace. The video of his performance now has over 6 million views and the number is still growing.

As we see kids getting enthralled by new games and gadgets, it is also nice to introduce them to other hobbies that might interest them. An interest in music and musical instruments might just be the hidden talent that you have yet to discover from them. Who knows, they might be the next Little John!