Doctors Can Barely Contain Excitement Over Birth That Happens Only Once Every 480 Years

Even though twins can run in the family, it is always a surprise when they make an appearance in this world. Sometimes, as a couple recently found out, the phenomenon of twins can actually be doubled! Alexandra Kinova and her partner Antonin Kroscen were just such a lucky pair. Alexandra was only 23 when she got pregnant with her beloved partner. Both sides of the family actually had twins in their history, but there was only a slight hope that her nascent pregnancy would produce two lovely near-perfect matches as children.

All they could do was cross their fingers and hope. As it turned out, they were already fated to have more than just two!

The pair had already shared one child together when the doctor announced that Alexandra should be having twins!  What a surprise! Their wish really had come true.


After a couple weeks of excitement building towards the birth, the doctor informed the young couple that in fact, Alexandra was not expecting two kids – she was expecting four!

Such a shock is almost unimaginable for some ladies. Is it possible for four little fetuses to develop into little human beings in one stomach? It is an extremely care occurrence, but as Alexandra found out it does surely happen.

But what happened next they could never have imagined in a million years.

The doctor had the couple back in for another check-up and found Alexandra was actually expecting five kids in one birth! He found another head!

“When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry,” said Alexandra about the news.

Her chances of actually performing a natural birth at this point were one in seven million.

Knowing what it means to be a strong mother, Alexandra was adamant she wanted to breastfeed them as much as possible. She admitted that artificial nutrients will have to play a role, but only what she could not produce herself.

The hospital was duly prepared for the big day when it arrived. They had close to 40 doctors, nurses, and staff on-site to ensure all five babies could be taken care of.

In a surprising twist of fate, the husband was actually almost late for the birth because of late trains. ” I was crying all the way since a feared I would not manage it,” he said afterward. In the end, he made it on time which was an appropriate omen for what was to come.

The head of neonatal care at the hospital said the birth went smoothly and nothing surprising was noted. Alexandra gave birth to four boys and one girl all in the same session – truly a feat of heroic proportions.

It was a historic day for more than just the family. It was the first time in their native Czech Republic that quintuplets had been recorded. What a momentous occasion!

“In our country (birth) statistics have been recorded since 1949 and there’s no mention of quintuplets. In the Czech Republic quintuplets are born on average once every 480 years,” doctor Alena Mechurova said.

As for the health of the kids and Alexandra: both were put into intensive care to help with the recovery. Doctors estimated that all five kids will grow up to be healthy.