‘It Was Affecting Business’: Employee Who Lost Nose And Eye To Cancer Told To Cover Face At Restaurant

Imagine having a life-saving surgery that changes your appearance forever. Now, imagine having yourself kicked out because of it.

For Kirby Evans, this heartbreaking instance became a reality. Seven years ago, this now 65-year-old man developed skin cancer that caused basal cell carcinoma in his face.

Surgery had to be done in order to remove it, and this resulted in Kirby’s nose and left eye having to be removed.

Image Credit: GoFundMe

Being on a fixed income, Kirby couldn’t afford to undergo any reconstructive surgery. He also didn’t have the option of wearing an eye patch.

He’d tried in the past, but the sensitive skin surrounding his eyes meant that these patches would rub his skin raw.

Kirby worked hard on his self-acceptance and simply goes out into the world as he is.

Then, one day, Kirby stopped by a convenience store called Forks Pit Stop located in Walterboro, South Carolina.

He went in to buy a drink and some donuts and went to sit on a picnic bench outside. He’d only been sitting for a few minutes when the manager approached him angrily.

She practically grabbed him by the shirt and half-pulled, half-demanded that he come into her office.

The manager told Kirby that his face was scaring customers and that he should either cover it or leave immediately.

These words were extremely, brutally painful to Kirby, who had never been treated that way in his entire life.

Image Credit: GoFundMe

Kirby, unable to eat if he did choose to cover his face, had no choice but to leave the store. As he went, he broke down in tears. He went home and confided in his daughter, Brandy.

She was, understandably, completely outraged about the incident. She shared what happened on a Facebook post, and it wasn’t long before people all around the world were reading the story in shock and horror.

Meanwhile, does the heartless manager who wouldn’t even let Kirby enjoy his coffee and snack feel sorry? Not in the slightest.

In fact, Donna Crosby stands by her decision and defends it adamantly. She says that, as the owner of a food business where many people come in to eat, she has the right to do whatever it takes to keep her customers happy.

Image Credit: GoFundMe

She added that Kirby would come in to eat regularly during lunch, one of the busiest times at the store and that she needed to put her foot down.

She insists she has customers to please and plenty of bills to pay and that she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with what she did.

Brandy and Kirby aren’t going to let Crosby’s cruelty get them down!

In fact, Brandy went on to make a GoFundMe page entitled “Cancer does not discriminate!” for her father. So far, it has made $75,020 of its $75,000 goal.

Kirby is very thankful for all the support he has received.

With people all over the world pouring monetary support into his fund and vowing to boycott Crosby’s food business, Kirby is able to put these horrible actions behind him.